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Revolutionising Field Service Management


Workforce Rostering Solution


Dynamic Workforce Scheduling Solution


Cloud Based Job Management Solution


Mobile Workforce Management Solution


Lone Worker Protection Solution


Complete Operational Intelligence Solution


Revolutionising Field Service Management

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Use Case Specific Capabilities


Full integration into EPR system with care plan management.


IoT real time monitoring, triggering tasking into the into the work management system.


Development tool kit providing configurable solutions for complex customer requirements.


Real time video based remote support solution.

Our Technology Principles

The entire suite of products offered by Totalmobile are built on a multi-tenanted, integrated and secure architecture.

This means that innovation and quality is ingrained within all our solutions and customers can experience a range of benefits through our easy to use, market leading technologies.

Core Technology

The core technology principles behind our products include:


All our products are built to provide the ability to scale as required, offering our customers total flexibility. From 50 – 50,000 users, our products can be deployed and scaled with no drop in performance, ensuring a great user experience.

SaaS / Cloud

Embracing the power provided by Azure, our entire product suite can be hosted on the Cloud. Enhancing reliability and reducing the need for continuous management, our Cloud based products provide customers with the best possible version of the software, enabling customers to maximise benefits.


At every stage of service delivery, our products capture a wealth of new data, providing access to previously unknown information. This data can be harnessed, managed and analysed to provide invaluable knowledge.


We understand how important our customers data is and therefore every one of our products has been developed with security at its core. With full encryption, native development that takes full advantage of in built security features and a range of additional controls, we’re confident that we have all your security requirements covered.


With complete integration across all our core products and with your existing back office systems, data can flow between systems without restrictions. This means that all required information can be accessed where it needs to be and back office systems are updated in real time, as information is captured in the field.

AI & Machine Learning

Our products utilise AI and machine learning to enable our customers to continually improve how they utilise our solutions to transform the delivery of services. Our AI technology not only offers recommendations for improvement, but also provides customers with total control to make the decisions that will work best for them.