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What is Mobile Workforce Management?

Mobile Workforce Management is the management of field-based staff who work outside of the office environment delivering, repairing or maintaining a service. It is an approach, underpinned by technology, that helps organisations build a better, more effective working day for field-based teams or staff on the go.

A mobile workforce management solution is a type of software product usually available in an app format, that empowers the mobile workforce with the ability to capture intelligent data and access the information they need to deliver services efficiently, first time. Office based managers are able to maintain complete visibility over their mobile workforce through real time updates which are fed back from the app to sync to back office systems and live, interactive dashboards.

What value does Mobile Workforce Management provide for your organisation?

Mobile workforce management ensures organisations can keep track of field-based teams, whilst streamlining processes and ensuring access to real time information, is available anytime, anywhere. Additionally, organisations can ensure standards and regulations are adhered to with field staff having access to mobile forms and workflows to ensure all necessary data and photographic evidence is captured and stored securely. With an increase in jobs completed first time, organisations can benefit from increased productivity within their mobile workforce and achieve improved customer satisfaction.


  • Optimise workforce efficiencies by automating processes for the mobile worker on any device
  • Quickly dispatch and allocate jobs to field workers
  • Seamlessly connect to your workforce, empowering mobile staff and enabling them to do more whilst meeting the demands of your customers
  • Greater accessibility for employees to easily retrieve information such as access to all relevant data via their mobile device such as photos, previous job records, client information and legislations. These details can be retrieved from either single or multiple back end systems
  • Easily capture information at the point of service through simple to use, intuitive forms, evidencing signatures and photos which is automatically updated to back office systems
  • Increase workforce capacity and productivity, enabling more jobs to be completed in a day
  • Access to real time data provides organisations with rich insights into how your field workforce is performing

This approach leads to positive outcomes for the organisation, field-based staff and the customer themselves:

By giving your staff the freedom to complete work at the point of service delivery or on the move, you are increasing productivity within your organisation. Additionally, managers have access to real time information, enhancing visibility across their field workforce and providing the ability to respond to issues immediately if required.

Mobile workers are equipped with everything they need at the point of service, providing them with an intuitive and familiar user experience that covers everything they possibly require via a mobile device to make their lives easier. Leading mobile workforce management solutions enable field staff to work seamlessly regardless of signal, allowing staff to concentrate on what they do best – their job.

By providing field staff with access to all the relevant information they require for a visit via an easy to use solution, more time is spent providing service users with the highest quality of service. Your mobile workers can meet the demands of your customers and on a first-time basis, increasing the quality of service delivery and customer service.

What helps deliver great Mobile Workforce Management?

Worker first approach / empower your workforce

Putting the needs of your mobile workforce first by equipping them with the correct tools to complete their job. By providing staff with access to all the relevant information they require for a visit via an easy to use solution, more time is spent on the job providing service users with the highest quality of service.

Visibility of real time information

Ensuring up to date information is provided to mobile workers and managers in real time when required. Your staff can complete forms, capture key information such as photos, signatures and access to supporting information, allowing them to make informed decisions in real time whilst providing an excellent customer service experience. Data is captured at the point of service and updates back offices immediately ensuring everyone is working with the most up to date information.

Enhance data driven insights

Analyse real time data driven insights to optimise resources and improve efficiencies. Mobile workforce management solutions enable organisations to capture data at every single point of service delivery. Every interaction and every status update can be reviewed and analsyed at any time. This provides organisations with quality insights that allow them to continually optimise resources and improve efficiencies across service delivery.

Manage upcoming work

Organisations need to ensure they are effectively managing all outstanding work orders, either planned or responsive. Improving the understanding of exact job tasks, skills required, previous histories as well as all implications relating to costing and material ensure there is a clarity and confidence in the services that are required, preventing the likelihood of unwanted surprises.