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Field Engineer Tracking

Complete visibility of your field-based workforce

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What is Field Engineer Tracking?

Field Engineer Tracking enables complete visibility of your field workforce, monitoring the whereabouts of mobile staff. It allows organisations to be proactive when planning where resources should be, ensuring efficient service  is delivered for each visit and so improving customer engagement. Through Field Service Management software and GPS location tracking on your workforce’s mobile devices, organisations are able to track the exact location of their field engineers. Access to map functionality identifies where staff are located and creates the most efficient route for the next job to be completed. Organisations can ensure their field workforces’ safety through visibility of their location.

What value does Field Engineer Tracking provide your organisation?

Field Engineer Tracking enables organisations with oversight to manage their field-based teams, this enhanced visibility enables office-based staff to make quicker, better decisions, while ensuring engineers’ schedules are running smoothly.

  • Track and monitor field-based staff whereabouts
  • Accurately plan and allocate jobs
  • Reduce paperwork and remove data duplication and errors
  • Keep customers informed at all times with notifications via SMS and email alerts
  • Save on costs as routes to jobs are optimised, which reduces travel time for field-based staff and increases their capacity and productivity to complete more jobs
  • Meet those all-important SLA targets while meeting the demand of your customers
  • Helps ensure the safety and protection of field and lone workers as there is an insight into their location

This approach leads to positive outcomes for the organisation, field-based staff and the customer themselves:

Organisations have transparency over where their workforce is at any given time of the day.

Field based teams are able to provide real time information updates on each status of their job, while optimised job routes reduce the need to travel back and forth to the office.

Customers are kept informed at all times through SMS and email notification alerts such as when the field worker is on their way, this enables effective communication between field-based staff and the customer.

What helps deliver great Field Engineer Tracking?

Field Engineer Tracking helps deliver significant efficiencies for organisations and their field service workforce.

Visibility of engineer schedules

Field Engineer Tracking provides a complete view of the current status of jobs and visits carried out from user devices, including when work has started, is completed, is overrunning or scheduled to start late as well as the exact location of where each mobile worker is. This visibility allows planning managers to respond and react immediately ensuring services are delivered efficiently.

Optimised routes

Mobile workers journeys are fully optimised enabling efficient travel and reducing time and costs associated with travelling back and forth to the office. With improved visibility of where the work is versus where the jobs are, it also provides planners with increased understanding of the situation of work and helps indicate any potential decisions that need to be made.

Accurate capture of data

Field based staff can accurately capture photos, signatures and customer information from their mobile device while office-based staff can accurately track the whereabouts of staff and the status of each job. The ability to time and location stamp where data is captured, ensures compliance and the ability to evidence data.

Improve communication with customers

Delivering a consistent service for your customers ensures confidence in service delivery while improving communication between field-based staff and the customer. It keeps the customer more engaged with the organisation and the services being delivered and as a result of this improves the customer experience and satisfaction.

How Totalmobile enables great Field Engineer Tracking?

Totalmobile provide a suite of core products that provides organisations with a leading Field Engineer Tracking solution, leading to an increase in workforce capacity, cost efficiencies, compliance with standards and the overall customer experience.

Mobile Workforce Management – Mobilise from Totalmobile is a mobile working solution that empowers the mobile workforce with the ability to capture intelligent data and access the information they need to deliver services effectively, first time. Read more about Mobilise.

Dynamic Workforce Scheduling – Optimise from Totalmobile offers a dynamic scheduling solution that ensures the efficient allocation of resources to achieve complex scheduling goals based on time, location, availability and service levels. Read more about Optimise.

IoT Enabled Predictive Job Creation – Sense from Totalmobile provides IoT technologies, included connected sensors and rules engines that allow the creation of work to be automated and assigned without the need for human intervention. Read more about Sense

Cloud Based Job Management – Connect from Totalmobile is a cloud based, intuitive job management solution that provides visibility and control of complex tasks, enabling the streamlined delivery of work. Read more about Connect

Service Data and Analytics – Insight is a data and analytics solution that provides organisations with access to rich data, offering deep insights into the delivery of field services. Read more about Insight.