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Meeting increased demand while putting quality at the centre of services

A single solution that enables Government Associations to deliver transformational benefits across their diverse range of public services, helping lower costs while improving service quality.

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Offering a comprehensive range of field service capabilities.

Totalmobile enables Government organisations to deploy one solutions across multiple departments, to improve the quality and efficiency of public services. With innovations that improve the planning, delivery and analysis of a diverse range of services, Government authorities can deliver a more joint up service that shares information across all relevant parties, maximises the capacity of the workforce and enhances the understanding and deliver of work. This result in authorities providing more cost effective, safe and sustainable services that exceed all citizen expectations.

  • Improving operational efficiency to deal with continued budget constraints
  • Better tackling challenges around data accessibility and accuracy
  • Transforming service delivery to ensure it is fit for purpose now and in the future
  • Meeting increasing service demands while enhancing citizen engagement
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Features & Benefits

Mobile Working

Empower your mobile workforce to capture intelligent data and access the information needed to deliver services efficiently, first time.

Data Capture

Record all relevant job information, photos & signatures, via a mobile device at the point of service delivery.

Ensure Processes are followed

With workflows and processes integrated into the solution, you can be sure that required tasks are completed, information is captured and services are delivered as they should be.

Remove paperwork

All information can be capture through easy to use forms, removing paper work and the need to rekey data into IT systems, while also improving data accuracy.

Works Order Management

A works order management solution that provides users with the visibility and ability to control complex tasks, enabling the streamlined delivery of work.

Better control costs

Closely monitor operational costs, enabling you to manage assets, better control contractors, invoice quicker and maximise the efficiency of service delivery.

Improving workforce productivity

By better managing items of work, eliminating admin and removing non-productive time, your staff provide a more proactive service.

Visibility of performance

Live insights that provide key performance data enables management to ensure that all compliance standards are being met, providing a basis for continuous improvement.

Dynamic Scheduling

Ensure the efficient allocation of resource, enabling your organisation to achieve complex scheduling goals while taking time, location, availability and service levels into consideration.

Maximise time spent delivering services

With the efficient scheduling of required work to the available workforce, staff spend more time delivering services every day.

Ensure all standards are met

By scheduling the right person to work on the right job at the right time, you guarantee that your organisation is meeting all required SLAs and KPIs.

React to Change

Detect threats to the existing schedule and react as appropriate, producing you with an updated schedule that navigates issues and maximises the effectiveness of your workforce.

Lone Worker Protection

Alert and location-based technologies that rapidly react to risks in the field, ensuring the safety of employees at all times.

Visibility of information and worker location

Keep track of where your lone workers are located using specialist location features included in the software. This visibility ensures enhanced safeguarding and protection of your remote workforce with the ability to accurately locate their whereabouts.

Improved Communication

With instant access to mobile devices to alert any escalations or just to simply keep in regular contact with colleagues, lone workers benefit from improved communication processes which enhances their ability to carry out their jobs safely.

Assure Compliance

Authorities can ensure they are legally complying with safety regulations in order to protect the health and wellbeing of their employees. Additionally, information is recorded and updated in real time should it be required for auditing purposes or in the case of an incident occurring.

Real World Application

Sector Specific Use Cases

Enterprise Solution (Every Officer)

Every member of staff, across every service area within a Government Authority can be provided with a solution, that meets their specific needs, via a single platform that is easy to manage and support.

Property Services

With an integrated solution that includes job management, mobile and scheduling capabilities, your housing department can increase visibility of service delivery and empower staff to complete jobs effectively, first time - delivering a higher quality service, while reducing operational cost.

Care @ Home

Enabling the transformation of the delivery of care services through mobile working solutions. Empower your social care workers, through
the use of mobile working solutions, to allow access to information and the updating of case management information in real-time.
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