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Field Service Intelligence

A Real-Time Understanding of Service Delivery

Insight is a complete field service intelligence solution, that enables organisations to gain a full understanding of past, present and future field service delivery.

  • 360-degree view of operational performance
  • Real-time data for timely and effective decision-making
  • Vital information is available at the right time, driving true operational value.
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Maximise Operational Efficiency

Observe and react to field services as they happen, enhancing the efficiency of your workforce and increasing profit through the improved use of resources.

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Service Compliance

Live monitoring of SLA and KPI adherence ensures organisations can react accordingly to prioritise work and ensure compliance while mitigating against the risk of fines.

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Improve Customer Satisfaction

Keep your promise to your customers by providing a high quality and reliable service that improves satisfaction, aids retention, and opens up new opportunity.

Operational Intelligence

A Real-Time Insight to Service Delivery

A key feature to understanding and ensuring the quality of services being delivered, Insight provides genuine real-time data that enables users to review everything that is happening in their business, as it happens.

Comprehensive Dashboards

Via one comprehensive dashboard, users can view multiple performance metrics, while the solution highlights potential areas of risk that may need attention.

Data-Driven Risk Management

This empowers organisations to drill into more detail to better understand each area of ongoing service performance. With this information easily at hand, they can then make timely decisions, or escalate highlighted risks, to proactively make the changes required to ensure service quality and the achievement of all KPIs.

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Business Intelligence

A View of Historical Service Performance

Insight provides organisations with a holistic view of past operational performance. Through a suite of standard reports, users can easily access data that offers a historical overview of service delivery.

Customisable Reporting for Performance Analysis

With the ability to customise reports to change focus, users can access information such as jobs completed, job success rate, customer service score, productivity score, and SLA compliance via easy-to-understand, role-specific dashboards.

Detailed Review Across Various Metrics

This information can then be reviewed across a range of elements, including geographical regions, team level, and individual field worker performance, enabling a comprehensive understanding of where standards have been met, performance trends, and areas needing improvement.

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Predictive Intelligence

Understanding Opportunities To Enhance Services

Reviewing historical and real-time data empowers organisations to make smarter, more timely decisions. Insight analyses all information gathered by the solution to provide actionable recommendations.

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Each recommendation is supported with evidence showing how the proposed change is projected to positively impact future service delivery and deliver greater value.


Acting as an operational advisor, Insight highlights trends, recurring poor performance, and potential risks. This enables organisations to fully utilise available data for continuous improvement in all aspects of service delivery.


Insight proactively identifies potential risks and opportunities within service operations. By forecasting future trends and patterns, it enables organisations to pre-emptively address challenges and capitalise on emerging opportunities, ensuring sustained excellence in service delivery.

Worker Performance Analytics

Insight enables users to review performance on multiple levels – including providing an overview of the performance of an individual worker, or team of workers. This is achieved by looking at a range of performance areas that encompass productivity, efficiency and compliance that can then be weighted to provide an accurate and relevant result.

Workforce Intelligence

The key metrics provide a shift score for each worker which can then be aggregated to view weekly or monthly performance. These scores can then be used to review individuals or teams and identify where support may be required.but also trend analyses over extended date ranges, offering a comprehensive overview of operational efficiency.

Employee Performance Insight (EPI)

Executive Dashboards

Insight provides users with a comprehensive view of performance, enabling them to review every aspect of service delivery at detail. However, often executive and management require a simplified version that highlights the most important metrics.

The executive dashboards, provided by Insight, provides a quick and easy to read version of the solution that displays the most relevant data and highlights areas that require attention.

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Baxi have implemented Insight from Totalmobile to provide a real-time understanding of ongoing service performance. By keeping in touch with all that is going on across their field workforce, they are able to keep their promise to their customers and ensure a quality service is being delivered, while proactively dealing with any potential risks to the plan.