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Job Management Software

Cloud-Based Work Order Management Solution

Connect is a cloud-based work order management solution providing a comprehensive range of capabilities via a fully integrated solution.

  • End-to-end work order management.
  • Enhanced operational control and visibility.
  • Efficient, cloud-based job management.
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Optimise Costs

Streamline operational expenses for enhanced asset management, faster invoicing, and increased service efficiency.

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Boost Workforce Efficiency

Enhance productivity by minimising administrative tasks and downtime, leading to more proactive service delivery.

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Operational Insights

Gain real-time performance insights to uphold compliance standards and foster continual improvement.

Self Contained & Configurable Work Order Management

Fully Integrated Solution

Connect offers a comprehensive job management system in one SaaS-based platform, ensuring minimal upkeep and regular updates for a modern, seamless user experience.

Customisable to Fit Your Process

Our platform empowers organisations to tailor the solution to their specific processes, complementing existing workflows and providing immediate value, with flexibility for future adjustments.

Continuous Improvement & Support

With an accompanying training program, Connect empowers organisations to align the system with their evolving practices, ensuring continual adaptation and improvement.

Materials Management & Supply Chain Integration

Enhanced Stock Management

Connect empowers service stakeholders with a complete visibility of materials used, boosting stock management efficiency. Regular cycle counts prompt field engineers to verify and record stock levels, allowing organisations to conduct accurate stock counts and spot discrepancies.

Automated Ordering and Tracking

With seamless integration to major suppliers, Connect automatically places orders based on usage, raises purchase orders, and tracks collections. This streamlines van stock management and optimises the replenishment process.

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Sub-Contractor Management

For complex tasks, outsourcing to subcontractors is a frequent necessity, especially when managing large social housing portfolios or infrastructure projects. Connect offers a robust solution to enhance the management of subcontractor involvement, ensuring streamlined operations and financial control.

Pre-Approved Cost Management

Connect ensures that all subcontractor costs are approved in advance, safeguarding against unforeseen charges. Any additional expenses require explicit approval or variation requests, fostering precise cost control processes.

Tailored Subcontractor Access

Subcontractors can utilise a specialised app or integrate their existing systems with Connect. This flexibility provides comprehensive visibility and control over subcontractor work status and costs.

Enhanced Workflow and Oversight

Our platform streamlines the assignment and monitoring of subcontractor tasks. This integration leads to more efficient workflows, ensuring that subcontractor activities align seamlessly with your project objectives.

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Stock and Asset Management

Connect replaces traditional approaches to stock management by unifying asset and work order management into a seamless process. This integration enhances organisational efficiency and compliance with regulatory standards.

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Connect combines disparate systems, offering a streamlined process for managing assets and work orders. It stores all pertinent asset information, automatically generates jobs as necessary, and updates asset data post-completion, ensuring a seamless operational workflow.


This integrated approach ensures timely management and servicing of assets, upholding compliance with time-sensitive requirements. Connect adheres to various regulatory standards, such as the Decent Homes criteria, providing essential data for stock condition evidence.


Upon identifying the need for maintenance, Connect auto-generates work orders, dispatches them to field operatives, and updates asset information upon job completion. This automation streamlines operations, reduces administrative burden, and ensures real-time asset management.

Project and Complex Use Case Management

Streamlined Work Breakdown

Connect enables organisations to segment larger projects into manageable process steps, acting as milestones. This approach enhances visibility and tracking of complex tasks, ensuring that every stage is monitored and controlled effectively.

Status Updates and Time Management

Each step’s completion triggers a status update, allowing for alignment with specific time constraints. This feature enables real-time tracking of progress against deadlines, ensuring timely completion of each project phase.

Risk Mitigation and Escalation

Delays in any project step that might risk the overall timeline can be quickly escalated and addressed. This ensures the entire project progresses at the required rate, mitigating risks and enhancing overall project efficiency.

Remote Assistance

Providing customers, and where appropriate field operatives, with additional support, the remote assistance feature in Connect enables customers and an office based technical support officer to share a video stream. This enables the customer to share exactly what they are looking at with a support officer, who can then either triage the job, or for simple fixes, offer advice on actions the customer should take.

The ability to provide remote support via video, enables organisations to reduce unnecessary visits where possible and where a visit is required, first time fix rates are improved as there is a greater understanding of what is required. In addition to this all information related to the call is recorded and stored, providing the ability to evidence various details at a later date if required.

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