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ESG Strategy

Field Service Software That Won’t Cost The Earth


Making Change Measurable

Companies must prioritise sustainability, ethical practices, and positive social impact in today’s world. Totalmobile shares this commitment. Following a period of rapid expansion, our business is evolving. Our Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) strategy now serves as the cornerstone of our continued growth. By integrating ESG principles into our operations, we strive to build a more sustainable, equitable, and ethical future for our customers, employees, and communities.

Our Goal: Net-Zero Operations by 2030

Embracing ESG

Driven by our ESG Steering Committee, our agenda is focused on becoming an even more ethical and sustainably conscious business. The Committee will take the lead on reviewing important areas such as carbon emissions, fine-tuning policies we can all stand by, and attracting, recruiting, and keeping a diverse team of skilled individuals who prioritise well-being and opportunity. With ambitious goals in mind, we’re making steady progress towards a brighter future for the planet, our colleagues, clients, and the communities we touch.

Where we currently focus 

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Actively minimising carbon emissions and waste, we set ambitious targets and devise strategies to prioritise environmental concerns throughout our operations.

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Everyone can be their full self at work. Championing an inclusive workplace, we foster a culture that values diverse backgrounds, perspectives, and ideas, fortifying our shared purpose and vision.

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Upholding integrity, we cultivate trust within Totalmobile through ethical, transparent, and secure practices. We are reviewing policies and implementing Pay Gap Reporting to remove barriers.

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