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Optimising a skilled workforce to meet dynamic changes in service demand

With many years of service management experience in this sector, we understand that Ports and Airports often face unpredictable fluctuations in service demand. This unpredictability can stem from seasonal travel changes, unexpected weather conditions, port delays, and rigorous entry checks.

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Totalmobile has the experience in the Ports and Airports sector to understand the challenges in meeting demand from an often over-stretched workforce including the impact of:

  • Short notice changes driven by weather, cancellations, delays and other external influences.
  • Detailed checks that slow down processes if there is a backlog.
  • Significant interdependencies of dynamic demand across departments and site locations.
  • Fluctuating seasonal demand across the year.
Compounding these external factors are challenges in maintaining workforce rosters that are flexible enough to meet employee needs whilst responsive enough to meet unpredicted demand.


Shift rota’s that don’t meet staff expectations nor are flexible enough to change if employee requires time off leads to poor working conditions and attrition of skilled labour which in turn leads to expensive recruitment costs or reliance on third-party contractors to take on the gap in resources.


Ultimately inflexible and gaps in resources impacts customer satisfaction and has a knock-on impact on the supply chain that provides services in ports and airports. For example, the distribution and end businesses of goods received into Ports and the retail chain delivering services across airports can see diminishing margins due to poor service delivery at source.

Our consultants used their workforce rostering software and a proven approach to employee engagement to deliver options which factored in forecast demand, operational factors and employee preferences for Stolthaven Dagenham.

“Their combination of insight, software and employee engagement meant that the process of changing shift patterns was smooth, despite the impact of Brexit and COVID. We were able to implement the new ways of working quickly and see the benefit sooner.”

Rob Peacock, Safety, health environment and quality assurance Manager at Stolthaven Dagenham 
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Delivering Effective Workforce Rostering – The Essentials

Join Steve Firth, Rostering Sales Specialist and Chris Webb, Rostering Consultant as they explain how to deliver an effective workforce rostering solution for your organisation. They will also discuss Totalmobile’s ‘Organise’ and the value it can deliver along with a handy 10 point checklist on how to get started.


Totalmobile offers the Transport & Logistics sector a complete automated field-service platform with a unique feature of enabling the maximum productivity to meet demand and which delivers services more efficiently without the dependency of increasing an existing workforce.

  • Improved Service Quality with Optimised Rostering: With end-to-end service levels being met through optimised rostering comes an enhancement in customer satisfaction which in turn can lead to a 55% improvement in productivity and hence incremental revenues gained.
  • Workforce Efficiency: Planning and having the right amount of people to meet the demand of work can significantly increase efficiencies particularly having a ‘live’ view of cover to support on-the-day resourcing decisions.
  • Managing Fluctuations in Demand: Coping with unpredictable variation in resource requirements or unplanned change in demand (ie. Change of Flight Gate) requires the ability to react to change in an automated and dynamic way. The ability to manage variances such as sickness and absence quickly and accurately, avoiding costly capacity gaps, admin overhead and payroll errors.
  • Improved employee wellbeing: Our self-service application empowers employees to choose the shifts they want to work, or indeed perform shift swaps with colleagues with the same skills & availability without a breach to working time regulations. This can be done automatically without management intervention (ie. approval of shift swaps).
Overall this can lead to a happier workforce, a reduction of absenteeism by over 50% and a reduction in the cost of recruiting and retaining shift workers by approx £1.5million annually, based on 500 shift workforce.

Workforce Rostering | The Complete Guide

Workforce Rostering – The Complete Guide provides a comprehensive introduction to modern rostering and shift planning, defining what workforce rostering is and looking specifically at what modern rostering solutions can do for you.

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