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Mobile Working

Mobile Workforce Management Solution

Designed around the needs of the mobile worker, Mobilise provides a mobile solution that empowers your field workforce to capture intelligent data and access the information needed to deliver services efficiently, first time.

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Increase Workforce Productivity

By removing the need for admin and manual data entry, staff spend more time delivering services.

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Deliver Great Services

With more time to focus on service delivery and access to all required job information, your staff are best equipped to deliver a leading service to your customers.

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Improve Data Quality

Ensure staff comply with processes and capture all required information that can then be easily evidenced and reported upon.

Workforce Data Capture

Mobilise provides field staff with an easy to use solution that provides the ability to efficiently capture all required information associated to each job. While at the point of service users can use the solution to complete job related forms, take photographs, capture signatures and record any other details that are required to complete the task.

This information then automatically updates back office systems, enhancing data accuracy and removing the need to manually update records at a later stage.

Visit / Workflow Management

All staff are provided with a clear overview of the work that has been assigned to them, including the background details of each visits such as location, date/time, service user details and the specific tasks that are required. Special instructions can also be added to each visit, so the users is fully aware of all aspects of the job before it begins.

Each job is also supported with an approved workflow that the user updates as they progress through the job. This enhances visibility of the status of each job, while also ensuring that all required steps are completed and that services are being delivered to the high standards expected.

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Folio Access

For more complex services, users often need to refer to additional information to either access additional contextual details, or guidance on appropriate actions that may be required. Mobilise provides users with access to all appropriate background information, that offers the support needed to ensure great service delivery.

This could be records of previous case records, an overview of regulations, photographs, or guidance documents and tutorials. All information is attached to the job and is easily accessible, even in areas on no connectivity.

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Customised Forms

Goodbye to 20 pages forms, where half of the questions are not relevant to the job that is being undertaken… Mobilise provides organisations the ability to create and customise forms that can be accessed and completed on the device via a range of data entry methods, such as drop down menus, photographs, voice recordings or where required, free text.

Providing a smarter way to complete forms, Mobilise offers a dynamic approach, where only the relevant questions are presented to the user to complete. This can be based on a number of things, such as the job type, status, or answers to previous questions. On whole, this enables users with a quicker, more efficient way to collect the information needed.

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