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Complete Workforce Rostering Solution

Roster your workforce without complication. Discover market-leading workforce rostering software and shift planning services that empower you to:

Better control operational costs and ensure every shift runs smoothly.

Instantly create and share rosters with your non-desk teams.

Create and implement sustainable shift patterns with our shift planning experts.

Enhance staff engagement and retention by offering all staff more input on the shifts they work.
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100 %

Compliant Shift Pattern Design


Years Of Shift Work Expertise

60 %

Increase In Rostering Efficiency

Everyday, thousands of workers are rostered through our software

Comprehensive Workforce Rostering & Shift Pattern Design

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Workforce Rostering Software

Effortlessly streamline workforce planning with Totalmobile’s cloud-based rostering software. Design compliant schedules in minutes and share them instantly with your entire workforce. Better control operational costs by enhancing the management of in-house staff, creating additional operational savings across the planning process.

Better Plan and Manage Your People

Empower your team with efficient rostering that ensures the right staff are working the right shifts at the right time. Effectively balance full-time employees, banking or adaptive staff, and third-party resources with improved visibility and information access. By efficiently managing staff skills, availability, and absences, you can create rotas that maximise your workforce potential, ensuring demand is met and compliance is maintained.

Rostering Software

Shift Pattern Design Services

Designed to help you operate efficiently, our shift planning experts collaborate with you to create, update, or implement compliant and sustainable shift patterns to your workforce. Delivered by accredited industry experts, our shift pattern services help you reduce risk, adopt best practice, and improve service quality. By aligning staff capacity to demand, we work with you to design and implement new shift patterns that improve efficiency and staff engagement.

Shift Pattern Change

Shift pattern change can be challenging and emotive. With the help of our experts, we will ensure your mobile workforce and unions are fully engaged in your new shift planning and workforce management processes. As the leading provider of field service management solutions, Totalmobile is uniquely placed to help organisations create optimised working patterns that combine our proven software solutions with market-leading professional services.

Shift Pattern Design Services

Staff Rostering App

Empower both managers and employees with our staff self-rostering app. Designed for simplicity, employees can access and manage their assigned shifts and additional duties anywhere, anytime. Our user-friendly platform enables quick and efficient shift swaps, leave requests, and roster views. This ensures your team stays agile and responsive to evolving scheduling needs.


Employees can effortlessly access their assigned shifts, swap duties, and see their full roster. Beyond basic scheduling, our platform enables staff to manage absences, apply for leave, complete timesheets, and even claim overtime proactively. Everything can be completed in a few clicks, providing your employees with the autonomy they need to balance work and life seamlessly while reducing administrative burden for your managers.

Self-Service Rostering App

Shift Pattern Discovery Session

Boost the well-being and productivity of your workforce with a shift pattern discovery session. With decades of experience, our experts have created a discovery session to identify efficiency and employee quality-of-life opportunities in your existing rostering practices.


For qualifying organisations, our shift planning experts will collaborate with you to playback and analyse current issues, challenges, and opportunities, examining how employee preferences align with business needs. This will all be summarised in a high-level strategic report that outlines a compelling business case for adopting new shift patterns.

Shift Pattern Discovery Session
shift planning discovery session

Ramped Operations Up From 5 to 7 Days

“Accurate planning, management and reporting of working time is essential in a complex business environment such as ours. The system is now embedded in our operations and delivering significant gains in terms of productivity and customer service.”

Andy BarnettHead of Customer Service Operations at Siemens Healthineers

Frequently Asked Questions

What is workforce rostering?

Workforce rostering is the process of creating and managing staff schedules to ensure optimal operational efficiency. It involves strategically assigning the right individuals to the right shifts at the right times, taking into account factors such as skills, availability, and compliance regulations.

What are the benefits of using workforce rostering software?

Utilising workforce rostering software offers many advantages. You can expect improved cost control as the software optimises staff allocation, efficient staff planning that aligns with business needs, heightened staff engagement due to fair scheduling practices, and simplified compliance management, ensuring adherence to labour laws and regulations.

Do you offer services to help me design or implement new shift patterns?

Absolutely. We provide comprehensive shift planning professional services tailored to your specific requirements. Whether you’re looking to create, update, or implement new shift patterns, our experts can guide you through the process, ensuring compliance and sustainability for your workforce.

Can I manage both full-time and part-time staff with your rostering software?

Yes, our rostering software is designed to effectively manage all types of staff, including full-time, part-time, and temporary employees. The platform offers flexibility to accommodate diverse staffing needs within your organisation.

How does rostering software help me control operational costs?

Workforce rostering software plays a crucial role in cost control by optimising staff scheduling. Through efficient rostering, you can minimise unnecessary labour costs associated with overstaffing or understaffing. Additionally, by reducing administrative time, the software enhances overall operational efficiency, contributing to cost savings.

What is shift pattern change?

Shift pattern change involves modifying the existing schedule of work hours for employees. This could include adjustments to start times, break durations, or the overall structure of the work schedule.

What information does the Staff Information Hub provide?

The Staff Information Hub offers easy access to comprehensive details about your workforce, including names, contact information, staffing grade, skills, and group memberships.

How can I ensure a smooth transition during a shift pattern change?

To ensure a smooth transition during a shift pattern change, we recommend actively engaging your workforce and unions in the process. Open communication, clear explanations of the reasons behind the change, and addressing concerns can foster understanding and cooperation. Our shift planning experts are available to guide you through this process, providing valuable insights to navigate the transition effectively.