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An enterprise approach to

Local Government Digital Transformation

How Totalmobile’s ‘Every Officer’ concept can empower the next generation of public services

‘Every Officer’ from Totalmobile is about providing all staff that represent the council with a single, easy-to-use technology that enables real time information to be efficiently captured and shared across all relevant stakeholders, regardless of traditional departmental barriers.

Benefits of an Enterprise Approach

The ultimate objective from ‘Every Officer’ is to increase the capacity of your current workforce while also driving improvements in the efficiency, compliance and quality of service through your existing resources.

One Solution – Multiple Departments

At the core of our ‘Every Officer’ concept is to deploy one solution across multiple departments, that offers a range of capabilities that focus on improving frontline public services. Capabilities such as:

Mobile Working

Mobile working technology that enables staff to access and capture intelligent data at the point of service


The ability to communicate with all Council Employees, increase the level of employee engagement and supporting improved service provision to local citizens.


The provision, to field-based workers, of real time data allowing council officers to be better informed and be able to improve service to the citizen

Lone worker protection

Lone worker protection that provides support to all remote workers and ensures their safety and wellbeing, while rapidly reacting to potential risks.

Talking Digital Innovation in LG

Many Local Authorities are now considering ways to use digital innovation to enhance access to information and automate inefficient processes with the ultimate goal of helping to deliver a greater level of customer service.

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Enhance Your Duty of Care

‘Every Officer’ gives all employees the ability to communicate more effectively allowing you to achieve greater employee engagement whilst also enhancing your duty of care as an employer. Not only does this help your Local Authority become a more responsible employer but it also ensures you teams are:

  • Engaged and happy in their jobs.
  • Kept up to date in real-time with essential communications.
  • Able to find personal support if needed.
  • Able to raise concerns and request support for the community when out in the field.
  • Protected and safe while undertaking their role.
  • Delivering first-class services to residents.
  • Maximising the time spent delivering services they were trained to do.

How Improving Employee Access to Key Information is the Secret to Empowering the Next Generation of Public Services

In today’s world local government faces some unprecedented challenges – including spending cuts, economic uncertainty, retaining staff and an aging population – which requires a whole new way of thinking.

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Northumberland County Council

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“ Totalmobile is very adaptable, very efficient and it just saves a huge amount of time. “

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