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Connected Field Service IoT

An IoT offering that underpins the next generation of Field Service Management

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What is Connected Field Service IoT?

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the connectivity of an object with the internet. Today, the implementation of IoT is revolutionising the way the field service industry carries out its business.

Connected Field Service IoT connects the gap between field service management software and IoT devices to diagnose issues before they occur, capture real time device monitoring and make intelligent decisions.

Connected Field Service is a combination of cloud, IoT technology and field service management systems which use rules to control when alerts are issued or to set up work orders for field service teams to process. By connecting Field Service management platforms with IoT devices, mobile working, scheduling and asset management, your organisation can become proactive in your  delivery of service.

What value does Connected Field Service IoT provide for your organisation?

IoT is transforming workforce management today by analysing information, enabling automated job allocation and driving efficiencies for organisations. Mobile technology and IoT Connected Field Service work well together, capturing real time data and enabling access to that information when it is needed most.


  • Capture real time data and enable access to that information when it is needed most, automate scheduling as key events are triggered ensuring work is assigned to the right person
  • Turn valuable data captured from sensors into jobs and tasks through the use of IoT and dynamic scheduling
  • Ensures work is completed efficiently while encouraging pro-active monitoring which in the long term prevents unnecessary work or escalated issues
  • Enables automated processes through sensors and devices which drive consistency in service delivery for both the customer and the mobile worker

Organisation’s have an increased visibility of issues before they occur, they can automate processes to ensure services are delivered efficiently, compliance is met, cost is reduced, and productivity and capacity is improved

Organisations can also use the data driven from sensors to detect if preventative maintenance is required. Costs are reduced by dispatching the right field staff only when required. Your field workforce can benefit from an improved employee satisfaction as the visibility captured by the sensors ensures that they are fully prepared and equipped for each job. This also provides an improved job satisfaction. Additionally, your field workforce can accelerate repair jobs as they are fully equipped for first time fixes.

Sensor data leads to a better understanding of your customer needs, issues are addressed faster before customers are even aware there is a problem. Customers can therefore receive a more efficient service as processes are automated enabling a more proactive approach to service delivery and enhances standards.

Drive operational efficiency and optimise your resources

By automating the field service IoT process, organisations can benefit from improved service delivery, by allowing issues to be detected earlier and the appropriate action to be taken. This saves significant costs and resources for both the organisation and the customer.

Gain an increased visibility and understanding of all assets and detect any issues or potential actions that may be required. With the new ability to continuously monitor all assets, events and environments, organisations have significantly increased understanding of the current situation of work. This enhanced understanding allows them to make better decisions for the future but with Connected Field Service IoT, it allows them to be far more proactive and solve problems in many cases than ever before.

Transforming the role of the field worker

Empower staff with all the information and equipment required to effectively deliver the required service. Staff only need to work on jobs that they are required to, therefore putting their skills to best use. Staff are also provided with a new depth of insights meaning they are empowered with the information and equipment to deliver the best service possible.

Engage your customers and create a new level of integration

By ensuring that the right jobs are being worked on at the right time, your organisation gains the added value of being more proactive and connected to your customers. This ensures that customers are experiencing services of the highest quality with a solution that is tailored to their needs and enabling them to perform at maximum proficiency.