IoT Enabled Predictive Job Creation

IoT technologies, including connected sensors and rules engines allow the creation of work to be automated and assigned without the need for human intervention.

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Better Understand Working Environments

Monitor environments, assets and events with a diverse range of connected sensors, providing you with a comprehensive overview of any situation and enabling you to take action when required.

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Improve the Capacity of Your Workforce

With sensors that inform you of changes in working environments, or highlight potential problems, your workforce only delivers services when required, maximising capacity and delivering better services.

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Reduce Costs Across a Range of Areas

Being more aware of situations as they develop, organisations can take preventative actions, helping avoid more costly jobs on a later date, or quickly fix issues, helping ensure compliance and reduce fines.

A Solution that Understands Your Business Needs

Connected sensors continuously monitor all required equipment, environments and events, detecting when any changes occur. All data gathered by these sensors is passed to Sense’s IoT Cloud Management Platform, where it is analysed.

Pre-determined rules engines detect changes or anomalies in this data and immediately identify if action is required.

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Create and Deliver Jobs When Required

Sense provides organisations with the ability to create and schedule work in a more timely manner, enabling them to deal with changes and issues before they escalate.

Once sensors and associated rules engines have detected that action is required, items of work can automatically be created and scheduled to the workforce ensuring a proactive and preventative service.

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Driving Continuous Innovation

Sense really enables your organisation to get creative when it comes to innovation. Movement, footfall, temperature, occupancy, moisture, vibrations… no matter what you wish to monitor, there is a sensor that can provide you with the insights required.

This means that you can obtain a full and detailed understanding of the current situation of working environments, providing you with the information you require to continuously innovate and ensure you are providing market leading services.

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Clancy Docwra

See what this software has done for one of our customers.

Totalmobile is a “system that gangs and operatives want to use. It makes their lives easier, it makes their jobs quicker, and they can get on with the work they need to do”

Head of Mobile, Clancy Docwra

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