Data Analytics and Business Intelligence

A data and analytics solution that provides organisations with access to rich data and deep insights into your mobile workforce and its delivery of work.

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Increase Control Over Service Delivery

By improving the understanding of the current status of work, management can have confidence that all services are being delivered as planned.

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Identify Potential Service Improvements

Identifying trends and better analysing performance means that organisations can easily identify the steps required to increase service efficiency and quality.

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Reduce Risk & Maintain Quality

By quickly identifying issues and risks, management can react to ensure service standards are maintained and customers continue to receive a quality service.

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Service Data That Drives Improvements

Insight enables organisations to harness all the data captured at every stage of service delivery. Jobs completed, average time of visit, miles travelled per day, outstanding work… whatever you need to review can be reported and analysed on a department, team or even at an individual level.

Insight manages, assesses and reports this information via easy to analyse dashboards, while also providing the ability to drill into further details as required.

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Understand the Past, React to the Present, Predict the Future

Unlike other business analytics tools, Insight does more than just provide a historical overview of service delivery. It also provides real time updates, meaning management can easily view the current status of work, be notified of any current risks and react as appropriate.

By analysing service demand, delivery trends and any other service influencers, Insight can also highlight predictions around upcoming service delivery, enabling changes to be made to optimise performance.

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Customise, Share & Inform

All data presented can be customised in whatever format required, meaning that users are accessing the information they require via a dashboard that is easy to read and understand. Reports can also be easily shared with all members of the management and executive team.

This means all key staff can be informed of the information they require, increasing their confidence in service delivery and promoting a more joined up way of working.

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See what this software has done for one of our customers.

Most importantly, customers are also benefiting from the knock-on effect of improved service delivery with an increase of 71% in customer satisfaction.

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