Facilities Management

Ensure the delivery of timely, cost efficient services

Solutions that ensure services are delivered when required and in an efficient manner. By helping reduce operational costs and improving compliance with KPIs, Facilities Management organisations are provided with a competitive advantage.

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Providing solutions to over 40 Facilities Management organisations

Providing a range of integrated capabilities that enable organisations to implement more modern and efficient ways of delivering services, Totalmobile helps FM providers improve the productivity of their workforce and maximise profitability.

With solutions that streamline the visibility, management, planning and delivery of field services, FM organisations can harness data to ensure that all services are delivered via a fully integrated workflow that complies with all SLAs and targets, while also better managing resources and ensuring staff capacity is fully utilized.

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This results in both hard and soft FM services that offer an excellent customer experience and increase operational efficiencies to help achieve commercial targets.

Through working with Totalmobile, Facilities Management organisations are:

  • Implementing new service delivery models such as on demand FM
    Developing a multi-skilled workforce that maximises the utilization of staff
  • Improving service quality by enhancing visibility over planned and ongoing services
  • Benefiting from a fully integrated solution that offers a diverse range of field service capabilities
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Features & Benefits

Mobile Working

Mobile workforce management solution that empowers the mobile workforce with the ability to capture intelligent data and access the information they need at the point of service.

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Data Capture

Record all relevant job information, including photos and client signatures, via a mobile device at the point of service delivery.

Workflow Management

Guide staff through a series of pre approved workflows and status updates to ensure services are delivered in a compliant and consistent manner.

Folio Access

Provide staff with the ability to access all relevant job related information, providing them with the background details they require to deliver a great service.

Work Order Management

Order Management Software providing organisations with full visibility of their field staff, enabling effective communication processes, reducing administration and travel time and streamlines how work is assigned, tracked, resolved and reported.

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Remote Assistance

Video based diagnostic solution that enhances the standard of remote support services delivered to your customers, while reducing the number of unnecessary site visits.

Stock / Asset Management

Organisation’s have an increased visibility of the current situation of work, their field teams, assets, materials and costs.

Sub-Contractor Management

Users are provided with a solution that enables them to have tight control over all areas relating to the efficient delivery of service.


Complete operational intelligence that offers an unprecedented overview of operational performance, as it unfolds.

Historic Operations Analysis

Assess a comprehensive range of reports that provide an overview of past operational and employee performance.

Real-time Operational Analysis

Managers are provided with a live view of all aspects of ongoing service delivery with potential risks clearly identified.

Virtual Coach

Embraces historical data and machine learning to provide guidance on actions to improve future service delivery.


Workforce scheduling technologies that ensures the efficient allocation of resource to achieve complex scheduling goals, based on time, location, availability and service levels.

Manual Advance Scheduling

Empower planners to view all required visits and efficiently schedule planned work to available resources.

Automated Advance Scheduling

Take advantage of advanced scheduling algorithms that dynamically create the most effective schedule based on an individual organisation’s scheduling objectives.

Dynamic Dispatch

Assign work to staff one job at a time, based on skills location and work requirements, after they have completed their most recent visit.


Flexible, comprehensive solution that enables organisations to deal with complex rostering challenges and ensure the right people, with the right skills are available at the right time.

Automated Roster Allocation

Creates efficient rosters that meet all KPIs and compliance standards, based on staff availability and service demand

Staff Self Service Portal

Provides visibility of rosters and assigned shifts, while enabling staff to highlight availability and record absences

3rd Party Brokerage

Integrate with contingency staff suppliers to efficiently fill any rostering gaps


Sector Specific Use Cases

Responsive Repairs

Totalmobiles responsive repairs solution ensure services are delivered when required and in an efficient manner. By helping reduce operational costs and improving compliance with KPIs, Facilities Management organisations are provided with a competitive advantage.

Planned Preventative Maintenance

Today, Facilities Management organisations have a growing demand to deliver exceptional services to customers and are under continued pressure to deliver more for less.
Multi Product Functionality for your Sector

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All basic requirements to easily digitise your mobile workforce.



Enhance your solution & improve productivity with insightful performance analytics.



Lead the industry with a fully comprehensive solution, incorporating full digitisation & predictive analytics.



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All basic requirements to digitise your mobile workforce


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Enhance your solution & improve productivity with performance analytics


The FULL Works

Lead the industry with a fully comprehensive solution, incorporating full digitisation & predictive analytics

Mobile Worker

Workforce Data Capture
Visit / Workflow Management


Manual Advance Scheduling
Automated Advance Scheduling
Dynamic Dispatch

Order Management

Self Contained WOM
Calculated Invoices
Remote Assistance
Customisable Solutions


Staff Information Database
Staff Self-service Portal
Manual Shift / Roster Allocation
Automated Shift / Roster Allocation
Automated Shift Swaps
3rd Party Brokerage


Historic Ops Analytics
Real-time Ops Analytics
Executive Dashboard
Worker Perf. Analytics
Virtual Coach
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