Mobile Workforce Management

Release the Potential of Your Workforce

Simple, intuitive and the ultimate tool for mobile workers.

Our AI enabled mobility solution is designed to empower field based employees by providing them with everything they need at all points of service delivery. The experience is simplicity itself. Your staff can complete forms, take photos, capture signatures and access supporting information, allowing them to make informed decisions in real time and provide the highest level of customer service possible.

A Mobile Worker First Approach

Our solution focuses on the needs of the users, putting them first, no compromise. Our application utilises native design to ensure that users are able to unlock the full power of the Totalmobile solution, by providing a user experience that is intuitive and familiar, every interaction is designed with the user in mind. Connectivity is ensured whether in range of signal or not, promising an uninterrupted experience, allowing field staff to concentrate on what they do best – their job.

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Save Time

Increased productivity allows you to do things that you were never able to do before. Our customers enjoy an average time saving of over 90 minutes per user, per day. Every day. That means your field employees can take on additional appointments or spend more time caring for patients. Your more effective workforce will have the ability to increase capacity for the business, providing greater service delivery with the same number of staff.

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Better Quality of Service

Keep your mobile workforce focused on the work that matters by giving them everything they need in a single app. With easy access to the schedule of work, job details, full supporting documentation and seamless integration to back-office systems, it has never been easier to equip staff with the right information at the right time.

With a more efficient workforce, service delivery is completed more effectively, consistently and on a first-time basis, increasing your quality of service and your service users’ satisfaction. With all results visible through our analytics & business Insights dashboards.

10 Practical Steps to Mobile Workforce Management

The ultimate guide to consider before embarking on your Mobile Workforce Management journey.

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Key Features of our Solution

Learn more about the key features of our mobile workforce management solution and how they can enable your mobile staff to do more of the work that matters.

  • Forms

    Beautiful forms that enable your staff to complete their tasks efficiently and effectively, with intuitive details like pre-populated fields, electronic signatures and industry specific best practice offerings. Your staff will enjoy the simplicity our solution offers.

  • Calendars

    The ability to see your working day in a clear, visual calendar view. View by day or week and see exactly what you are doing, when. Gain access to in-depth details on each job all at the touch of your finger.

  • Folio

    The “filing cabinet” that automatically contains the right contextual information for each specific visit.  Delivering essential documentation, such as schematics, patient records or other historical information. Give your teams the knowledge they need to do their job.

  • Workflow

    The ability to provide live updates on the status of work – from initiation right through to completion. You can decide on each of the steps in staff workflows, customising to your needs and allowing you to see exactly what stage the job is in. 

  • Map

    The map view indicates the locations of work and resources as pins, presenting a creative view of the World and assisting the user in visualising the scheduling solution at any point in time.  In-depth details are highlighted when a resource is selected, providing a view of the planned work and travel route for the resource. 


Customer Success Stories


For City of York they have seen jobs completed 35% quicker and 36% more jobs being done than previous, but it’s not only about getting jobs done, we have given them tools that their staff love to use. View their story and learn how you can implement change.

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