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Health & Social Care

Delivering better patient care 

Solutions that transform the delivery of community health, mental health and social care services. By focusing on the healthcare professional’s needs, we empower them to focus on delivering better patient outcomes.

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Reablement & Care

Services Centre

Totalmobile provide a complete care management solution that offers full visibility over service capacity while efficiently creating care plans to ensure Reablement teams can effectively manage the entire service delivery process.


Providing user-friendly solutions that empower frontline clinicians with the time and information required to deliver world-class patient services.

Focusing on the user’s needs, Totalmobile’s field service management software enables health and care providers to digitise and streamline critical processes associated with delivering community-based health and care services. This is achieved by empowering frontline staff with access to patient records at the point of care and removing time-consuming admin requirements. The result? Care staff now have more time to deliver patients higher quality face-to-face care.

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With the enhanced flow of data empowering improved decision-making, health and care providers deliver quality and sustainable care services to their patients.

In addition, they can ensure a safe environment for staff while driving improvements in work/life balance. Through working with Totalmobile, health and care providers are:

  • Making better decisions based on improved access to accurate, up-to-date information
  • Enabling more patient-facing time to empower frontline staff to deliver improved outcomes
  • Delivering more compliant services supported by detailed evidence gathering
  • Providing a more positive working environment for staff to benefit morale and retention
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Features & Benefits


A complete care management solution that offers full visibility over service capacity, providers can efficiently create careplans to ensure reablement teams can effectively manage the entire service delivery process.

Capacity Checker

A powerful tool to assess the impact new referrals would have on capacity and service provision enabling customers to make informed decisions before taking on new service users.

Care Plan Management

A capability that ensure providers have complete transparency over the needs of service users to guarantee the delivery of safe, timely and quality care.

Mobile Working

From providing access to all relevant patient records to completing required assessment forms and updated expenses, our solutions mobilise all elements of a clinician’s role, not just individual aspects.

Access Patient Records

Staff can efficiently access all required patient records, including care plans and history, in real-time, ensuring they can make intelligent, informed decisions.

Complete Clinical Forms

Easy-to-complete clinical forms ensure all essential information is captured at the point of patient care. Patient record systems are automatically updated with this information, removing paper processes.

Patient Visit Screen

All relevant job details are shared with the care professional, ensuring they are informed of the care required and highlighting any essential information.

Dynamic Scheduling

Ensuring the efficient allocation of resources enables organisations to achieve complex scheduling goals while considering time, location, availability and service levels.

Skill based Scheduling

Efficient schedules make the best use of your care professional’s time while ensuring that the right staff, with the right skills, are delivering the right care.

React to change whilst maintaining excellent services

Regardless of the quality of the schedule, changes often occur throughout the day that puts existing plans at risk. 

Your scheduling solution can detect threats to the existing schedule and react as appropriate, producing an updated plan that navigates issues and maximises the effectiveness of your healthcare professionals.

Clear views of the status of service delivery

Via a range of dashboards and screens, schedulers and management are provided with a clear view of the status of your healthcare professionals and scheduled work.

Features such as a map view that highlights each member of staff’s location and upcoming route, and a scheduling dashboard that colour codes work based on its current status, means there is a clear and shared understanding of ongoing services.

Workforce Rostering & Shift Planning

A highly configurable e rostering solution has been developed to support organisations with complex scheduling needs and help them maximise the value of their available workforce.

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Better Control Costs

A streamlined process improves the management of in-house staff and reduces the dependency on overtime and agency staff.

Enhance organisational compliance

Ensure the right skills are available to undertake the required visits, driving improvements in the delivery of a high quality, compliant service.

Improve Service Quality

With a standardised and efficient planning process, Trusts effectively assign clinicians to specific shifts and identify any potential risks and discrepancies

Lone Worker Protection

Alert and location-based technologies that rapidly react to risks in the field, ensuring the safety of your healthcare professionals at all times.

Increase remote worker safety

Monitor and support the well-being of your remote healthcare professionals and receive alerts from any concerned employee who is operating in a high-risk environment.

Mitigate Against Risk

Protecting your healthcare professionals and helping them avoid dangerous situations enables the continuation of service and saves your Trust against potential penalties.

Analyse Data to Identify Future Risk

All data processed by the solution can be captured and stored, providing accurate time reports that enable management to monitor and analyse critical information such as usage and escalations. Management can undertake an analysis of any trends or high-profile dangers.


Sector Specific Use Cases

Care in the Community

Community health services play a key role in out health and care system. They keep people well at home and in community settings close to home, and support people to live independently.

Mental Health Services

Transform how Mental Health services are being delivered by enabling healthcare professionals to access all required information, via a device at the point of patient contact.

Reablement Services 

A complete care management solution that ensures full visibility over service capacity, enabling efficient creation of care and reablement plans that effectively manage the entire service delivery process.

Care @ Home

Enabling staff with the ability to access records, update records and have full visibility of care plans via one system while delivering quality care and support services.
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