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Rota Software

Ensure efficiency of staff and improve service quality with Rostering Software Solution

What is a Rostering Software Solution?

Rostering and assigning staff can be difficult. There are various challenges involved such as the size of your workforce, the number of shifts which need covering, differing skills across the team and meeting the availability of your workforce or department. Manually dealing with these challenges can be time consuming, however with rostering software solution, organisations can easily organise and manage shifts and staff availability.

An effective rostering software solution helps organisations to efficiently match rostered hours to the workload of business demand. It allows mangers to quickly plan and produce rosters that meet demand on services, whilst also managing staff resource and ensuring all employees are paid accurately through one seamlessly integrated system.

What value does Rostering software solution offer organisations?

An effective rostering software solution should provide your organisations with comprehensive resource management capabilities. Rostering software is specifically developed for demand-led organisations which tend to have pattern based and ad-hoc shift systems,becoming particularly beneficial for use in 24/7 environments. The software solution has many configurable options and incorporates key aspects for operational administration, scheduling and management of personnel. It includes a full and comprehensive integrated module for the management of shift pattern working, time worked, overtime and absences of any type. Flexibility and customisation capabilities ensure it can manage the diversity of full-time, part-time and dual working contracts, dealing with the complexities of your organisation’s local rules and interpretations of personnel contracts.

An Effective Rostering software solution  interfaces with most HR and Cad systems allowing seamless integration into your organisations existing systems.  Employees can self-roster and book any over time which may be available to them, it matches staff skill sets and location allowing employees to book shifts and swap shifts.  The system contacts the right person with the right skill set and is fully configurable to each customer.

Any over time worked by employees will automatically get pushed to the individual’s line manager for authorisation which then gets feed into the organisations HR system with no manual intervention. The system has a fully developed mobile app which mirrors the web portal, and everything is available 247 on the go. A quality Rostering software solution  is built on an organisation level which is provided by the customer and a hierarchy system can be built from this, allowing staff at different levels to have access to different parts of the system.

  • Access staff availability and assignment data in real time, allowing managers to have full control over of their workforce
  • Reduce admin and overtime costs, giving staff and managers easy access to information and essential self-service facilities
  • Create and manage shifts efficiently, by prioritising staff by skill type, staff group and shift pattern by location, function or hour of day
  • Manage staff productivity and capacity, by a fully controlled and customised dashboard
  • Manage complex rota requirements as workforce grows and skill sets change
  • Integrated with payroll to automatically calculate staff wages, with the ability to accurately calculate time and attendance

Organisations can benefit from improvements to data accuracy and consistency using an effective rostering software solution, as managers will get real time information 247.

This visibility saves organisation money and time by reducing administration efforts and allowing streamlining of processes.

An effective Rostering software solution  saves time and labour costs in payroll, as well as avoid costs on over staffing of departments. By efficiently building rosters to manage shifts and accurately calculate staff pay, time and attendance you can reduce costs.  It allows department heads to react to situations as they unfold, reduce absenteeism, improved management control, forecasting data in real time.

Staff can set availability for working hours, adjust adequate workloads allowing them to plan their shifts, this often helps staff morale as employees feel empowered.

What helps deliver a great Rostering software solution?

Automatic rostering

This allows organisations to streamline scheduling requirements when needed in real time and increase productivity levels

Increases management and workforce productivity

By removing all unnecessary administration and providing management with timely and accurate information

Caters for staff with multi contracts and working at multiple locations

The software solution allows complex rostering needs across multiple different staffing groups and can be user defined

Manage unexpected issues or unavailability

Real time rostering allows organisations to make changes through the day when staff call in sick, unable to work or are running late. The system is fully customised so any disruptions through the working day the solution allows you to make amendments

Rota Software FAQs

What is staff rota software?

Staff rota software is a digital tool that helps organisations schedule and manage their staff’s working hours. It allows for efficient shift planning, considering factors such as staff availability, skill sets, and location. This software can also facilitate shift swaps and overtime bookings, providing a streamlined solution for workforce management.

Why are staff rota’s Important?

Staff rotas are crucial for ensuring efficient workforce management. They help balance workloads, prevent over or under-staffing, and ensure that the right staff member is assigned to the right task at the right time. This improves productivity, better service delivery, and increased staff morale.

What is rota in software?

A rota refers to a schedule or timetable that outlines when each staff member is supposed to work. Rota software automates creating and managing these schedules, considering various factors such as staff availability, skill sets, and workload distribution.

How does a rota system work?

A rota system works by assigning shifts to staff based on their availability, skills, and the organisation’s needs. Advanced rota software can automatically generate rotas, considering factors like staff preferences, legal regulations, and operational requirements. The software allows for real-time updates, enabling managers to make changes as needed and staff to view their schedules at any time.

Is there an app to do a rota?

Yes, many rota software providers, like Totalmobile, offer mobile apps that mirror their web portals. These apps allow managers and staff to access and manage the rota system from anywhere, at any time. This includes viewing schedules, booking shifts, requesting time off, and more.

How do you organise a rota?

Organising a rota involves determining the organisation’s staffing needs, and considering factors like staff availability, skills, and workload. With rota software, you can input these factors into the system, generating an optimised rota. The software allows for real-time updates and adjustments, ensuring the rota remains accurate and effective.