Remote Assist

Real time video based remote support solution

A video based diagnostic solution that enhances the standard of remote support services delivered to your customers, while reducing the number of unnecessary site visits.

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Deliver a high standard of service

Improve customer satisfaction through the timelier resolution of problems and enhanced interaction.

Reduce operational costs

Reduce operational costs through the removal of unnecessary visits and a reduction in inspection based jobs.

Improve workforce capacity

Resolve more issues on a first-time fix basis helps organisations increase workforce capacity.

Providing guidance through remote video support

Technical support officers, engineers or call centre agents can provide guidance on any issue remotely, via a video support tool that enables customers to share their screen from any device.

Staff can directly view what the customer is looking at via a live video feed, allowing the operative to provide clear guidance on the issue the customer is experiencing. The operative can pause the screen, make notes or draw on the image to provide improved guidance and assist the customer in resolving the problem and removing the need for a visit.

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Improve first time fix rates

If a visit is required, it has been effectively triaged, meaning that field staff are more informed with the information they need to help complete the job first time.  The support team can provide additional valuable information to assist the engineer or technical support officer in resolving the fault on site efficiently.  For example, additional video information provided could determine what parts are needed to ensure a first time fix rate.

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Providing evidence and improving compliance

Organisations can provide appropriate support to customers remotely while removing any health and safety risks associated with onsite visits.

The live video stream can be recorded and automatically uploaded, saved and stored against the job. This can be referred to at a later date, providing essential evidence of compliance.  The solution also enables the ability to outline the decision-making process and if applicable, highlight why it was decided that a visit was necessary.

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