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Dynamic Workforce Scheduling Solution

A scheduling solution that ensures the efficient allocation of resource, enabling organisations to achieve complex scheduling goals while taking time, location, availability and service levels into consideration.

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Maximise Time Spent Delivering Services

With the efficient scheduling of required work to the available workforce, staff spend more time delivering services every day.

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Ensure All Standards Are Met

By scheduling the right person to work on the right job at the right time, you guarantee that your organisation is meeting all required SLAs and KPIs.

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Reduce CO2 Emissions

More efficient scheduling means your staff spend more time delivering services and less time travelling. This means you can deliver a more environmentally friendly service.

Better Meet Demand with Resources Available

Optimise takes into consideration all your scheduling requirements to provide the right schedule for your service area. This could be maximising staff capacity, ensuring SLAs are met, or protecting continuity of service.

The scheduling engine can fully automate the creation of schedules, or act as an intelligent assistant that provides recommendations. Alternatively, users can manually create and issue their own schedule.

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React to Change, Maintain Great Services

Regardless of the quality of schedule, changes often occur throughout the day that puts existing plans at risk. This could be a member of staff going home sick, being severely delayed in traffic, or significantly overrunning on a job.

Optimise can detect threats to the existing schedule and react as appropriate, producing you with an updated schedule that navigates issues and maximises the effectiveness of your workforce.

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A Clear View of the Status of Service Delivery

Via a range of dashboards and screens, schedulers and management are provided with a clear view of the status of staff and scheduled work.

Features such as a map view that highlights the location and upcoming route of each individual staff member, and a scheduling dashboard that colour codes work based on it’s current status, means there is a clear and shared understanding of ongoing services.

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Fife Council Health and Social Care Partnership

See what this software has done for one of our customers.

Implementing mobile technology has been a major focus for Fife Council, to ensure that they are able to continue to support people at home with the highest quality of care.

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