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Field Service Dashboards

Refine existing services and gain powerful insights into your field workforce

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What are Field Service Dashboards?

Field Service Management software includes pre-built Field Service Dashboards which reflect metrics measured in real time, captured from the organisations’ field-based workers. These dashboards help organisations increase visibility and gain value and understanding of their field service teams and the service that is delivered. This includes everything from field team performance, work order status and customer service and engagement. The information generated from Field Service Dashboards is designed to deliver powerful insights gathered from field-based workforces to improve operational efficiencies throughout an organisations business functions.

What value do Field Service Dashboards provide to your organisation?

Field Service Dashboards provide organisations with intelligent insights into how their business is operating across all functions. These insights are beneficial to help increase revenue and manage KPI’s. Dashboards enable organisations to identify unnecessary cost inefficiencies, allows for better engagement and interaction with their customers, while improving communication and service delivery throughout their field-based workforce.

  • Create and customise dashboards to export reports and charts. The easy to use, graphical reports are customisable to your business with simple and effective drag and drop options
  • Identify performance of operations across all business functions such as field engineer’s performance, first time fix rates or parts movement
  • Analyse and automatically create work orders
  • Combined with IoT capability, dashboards allow organisations to gain insight and intelligence in detecting and diagnosing problems with assets before they occur
  • Shared dashboards with all management and stakeholders to ensure visibility of and confidence in service

This approach leads to positive outcomes for the organisation, field-based staff and the customer themselves:

Organisations have full visibility of Field Service Dashboards, effectively improving the monitoring of resources, work orders and stock management. Managers can use the information gathered to provide essential data and generate meaningful insights throughout their business. These insights will help to drive innovation throughout field-based teams and the entire organisation.

Field Service Dashboards enables staff with the ability to enhance their performance throughout all aspects of their role such as completing first time fixes, proactively communicating with colleagues and customers, improving attendance and monitoring distance travelled.

Customers receive a more efficient, transparent service. Improved service delivery enables an increase in customer engagement and satisfaction.

Understand and evaluate your assets and workforce

Viewing real time information and all relevant aspects right across your working environment enables team leaders and management to evaluate your workforce and your assets, generating intelligent insights and empowering great decisions.

Deliver continuous improvement

With detailed visibility of the delivery of services, management are able to identify trends and potential areas for improvement. This ensures organisations are equipped with the ability to drive continuous improvement across various aspects of service delivery ensuring that they are delivering the highest quality of service, whilst enabling them to stay ahead of the competition.

Improve customer satisfaction and engagement

Ultimately Field Service Dashboards ensure that your customers are receiving the standard of service they expect. Through analysis and continuous improvement of field performance and the ability to easily access reporting and powerful business insights, you are provided with the information required to make the right decisions at the right time to help ensure customer satisfaction.

Monitor SLA performance

Quickly identify risks to SLA performance and take corrective action to ensure regulatory standards are met. This enables the maintenance of quality of service, enhances customer satisfaction and also reduces risks around SLA or KPI breaches that may lead to costly fines.