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SaaS Workforce Management

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Introducing Field Service SaaS

As technology continues to evolve so too does the evolution of the software industry and cloud computing. Our WorkNow platform is a cloud-based platform that offers packaged Software as a Service solutions to our customers.

We offer a fully managed service to ensure a smooth, efficient transition to SaaS and provide the maintenance, hosting and support your workforce may not have the capacity to. This removes the pressure from your organisation to run the infrastructure, ensuring cost efficiencies and increased capacity for your internal IT teams, as well as reducing physical space taken up by servers or hardware.

Our SaaS platform which is provided via Azure delivers a range of capabilities including mobile workforce management, dynamic scheduling, analytics and managed alerts.

Say hello to Software as a Service (SaaS).

What’s the benefit of deploying FSM Software via Cloud & SaaS

Here at Totalmobile, we’re make it easier than ever for you to deploy our solutions via the Cloud and our Software as a Service model. You’ll see some great benefits:

Greater cost efficiencies

By implementing a cloud-based SaaS platform, organisations can cut down on the expense it would usually incur on updating legacy-based systems and infrastructure, as well as reduce operational costs.

Our SaaS platforms enables:

  • Lower initial costs – being subscription based, makes it easier to manage costs. We’ll also manage the IT infrastructure, meaning this will lower your costs for hardware, software, and the demands on your IT staff.
  • Costs can be spread out over time/ smaller upfront investment – by moving to a SaaS service your organisation no longer needs to worry about financial commitment for perpetual licences upfront or on-site implementation.
  • Get more value for money – licence costs and support are both included in the one subscription fee reducing your total costs.
  • Significantly reduce hardware overheads – no physical equipment such as servers are required in the workplace environment.
  • Reduce resource expenditure and improve capacity – we fully manage and monitor the service for your business, reducing the need for resources whilst also giving your teams the capacity to work on other projects.

Fully Managed Service & Support

Our SaaS offering is a fully managed service, ultimately ensuring a smooth transition, all taken care of, reducing the hassle if managing in-house. This reduces the stress over monitoring hardware systems and worrying about installing the latest upgrades. We also provide support in terms of maintaining the service from hosting and licencing to upgrades.

  • Faster deployment – No need to install servers or go through painful manual set up – just download the app! Everything SaaS is pre-defined and easy and efficient to install.
  • Right version every time – With SaaS you instantly receive all upgrades, without requiring patch downloads or manual installs, ensuring all services are running efficiently and securely at all times without any disruptions.
  • Everything dealt with – With our SaaS offer you get a fully managed service, so you don’t need to worry about monitoring or maintaining the service. We’ll do it all for you.
  • Improved benefits – By transitioning to a SaaS model, your business can benefit from increased revenue, greater agility and improved customer relationships.


Our SaaS platform offers scalable usage based on the demands of your business, whether that’s adjusting the capacity for additional users or scaling back to reduce numbers.

  • Scale to meet the growth of your business – Our SaaS offering will scale to meet the demands of your business. Your organisation has the flexibility to adjust capacity with the ability to simply add more users to your monthly subscription, as and when you need them, and we’ll deal with the rest!
  • Greater flexibility – Scalable usage gives your organisation the flexibility required as and when, allowing you to enhance the service, all in a simple process.

Enhanced Security

Our SaaS platform addresses the privacy demands of our customers and helps safeguard sensitive data. We look after the migration process, back up, transferral of data through to vulnerability testing, all ensuring an efficient, secure service.

  • Secure transition – We make it easier for you to deploy our SaaS solution ensuring all information is securely transferred. With our ISO security standard accreditation, we ensure security best practice is in place giving you the confidence your estate is in good hands.
  • Reduces the burden of safeguarding your infrastructure – You can rely on us to look after your infrastructure and ensure peace of mind that data is secure, with SLA’s and disaster recovery in place.

Cross platform accessibility

A huge advantage of using our SaaS platform is the access to services on any device, anytime. No matter what device your teams use, we’ve got it covered. Our app is available on iOS, Android and Windows and is native to each platform.

  • Enables instant availability to services – information is available anytime, anywhere with full offline working.
  • Improvements in workforce productivity and efficiencies – remote workers can access files or information whilst out on the road, at home or access whilst at visits, reduces travel requirements back and forth to the office and associated travel expenses.
  • Improved communication – your workforce can respond to customers and colleagues whilst on the go.

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