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Utilities & Infrastructure

Deliver services that are enriched by data and focused on compliance

Providing technology that drives innovative service delivery. By capturing and sharing all important asset information, Utilities and Infrastructure organisations empower field staff to deliver productive and compliant services. Services that support future communication networks, water, wastewater, electricity, telecoms, gas, rail, road, construction and infrastructure.

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A Workforce Empowered by Data

Providing management with the real-time insights they need to ensure that profitability, productivity and compliance targets are being met. Field workers use our mobile solutions to capture job details, labour hours, materials usage and so on. Taking millions of data points across thousands of projects and presenting them to management in highly visual, interactive dashboards.

In an instant, management can see jeopardy alerts showing them projects that are performing below agreed thresholds, providing end-to-end visibility of project performance, thereby mitigating the risk of project failure and maximising the profit margins of the Utilities and Infrastructure sectors.

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Capabilities & Features

Field Operations Management

Providing Field Operations Management software to the Utilities and Infrastructure sectors including: Water, Wastewater, Electricity, Telecoms, Gas, Rail, Road, Construction and Infrastructure. Totalmobile solutions are used across a number of industry use-cases, working with both the Utility asset owners and their supply chain contractors.

Work Order Management

Our Work Order Management solution is designed for the full life cycle management of Repair & Maintenance contracts, from the receipt of the Work Order through to the submission of the payment claim.

Capital Works Management

Our Capital Works Management solution is designed for managing complex projects with multiple activities that are carried out over several weeks and months – such as the construction of large infrastructure projects.

Asset Management

The solution is used to visualise the location of your assets on a google map – with different icons for different asset types and different colours representing different statuses, such as in-service, out of service, needs repair and so on. 

Mobile Working

Providing staff with all the information they need to complete their work effectively. Highlighting the most crucial of details and enabling access to supporting documentation.

Workforce Data Capture

An application, that can work on any device, providing staff with all the information they require to complete their work efficiently. Staff can receive their assigned work, all accompanying job details, historical job information, useful guides and required forms, that can be completed via the device to streamline the delivery of work.

Workflow Management

A “home screen” for each visit that provides users with a clear overview of the item of work and the information required to assist service delivery. The user-friendly overview ensures any job critical information is clearly highlighted, making sure staff are aware of any key details.

Customised Forms

Provides users with the ability to complete all job-related forms on their device. Smart forms make it easier for staff to complete any assessment or inspection, while also providing them with the ability to capture additional details such as signatures or pictures.

Lone Worker Protection

Alert and location-based technologies that enables organisations to ensure the safety employees and rapidly react to risks in the field.

Worker Down Alert

Easily view the location of all field workers so they can be located in an emergency situation.

Software Alerts

Receive a range of different alerts from who can then be connected with a response centre to escalate the situation as necessary.

Managed Service

A fully managed service that offers a low cost of ownership and presents all key lone worker safety data via real time reports.

Work Order Management

Providing organisations with full visibility of their field staff, enabling effective communication processes, reducing administration and travel time and streamlines how work is assigned, tracked, resolved and reported.

Sub-Contractor Management

Users are provided with a solution that enables them to have tight control over all areas relating to the efficient delivery of service.

Remote Assistance

Video based diagnostic solution that enhances the standard of remote support services delivered to your customers, while reducing the number of unnecessary site visits.

Stock / Asset Management

Organisation’s have an increased visibility of the current situation of work, their field teams, assets, materials and costs.


Complete operational intelligence that offers an unprecedented overview of operational performance, as it unfolds. Enabling organisations to harness all the data captured at every stage of service delivery. Tasks completed, average time of visit, miles travelled per day, customer satisfaction etc. which can be reviewed to understand deviances in the plan.

Real-Time Ops Analytics

Each metric is updated in real time as the field service team conduct their day. A configurable threshold alerts you as soon as a metric is over and under performing.

Executive Dashboards

Analyse performance across time, by team, region or individual, and by the metrics that are important to you, to see what drives great performance, where the issues are, and what to do to improve.

Worker Performance Analytics

By measuring individuals based on six Key Performance Areas (KPAs) – productivity, utilisation, efficiency, effectiveness, consistency and compliance – you can improve field service activity.


Ensuring the efficient allocation of resource, enabling organisations to achieve complex scheduling goals while taking time, location, availability and service levels into consideration.

Automated Scheduling

Take advantage of advanced scheduling algorithms that dynamically create the most effective schedule based on an individual organisation’s scheduling objectives

Dynamic Dispatch

Assign work to staff one job at a time, based on skills location and work requirements, after they have completed their most recent visit.

Manual Advanced Scheduling

Empower planners to view all required visits and efficiently schedule planned work to available resources.


Sector Specific Use Cases

Smart Asset Management

Take a look at the emergence of smart meters in Utilities, the benefits that they can bring and plans in the UK and Ireland.

Repair and Maintenance

Industry 4.0 is bringing massive disruption into Utility sectors, leveraging new technologies to help improve repair and maintenance work is vital

Smart Meter Installation

A Smart Meter is an electronic device that is used to read electricity and gas consumption in real-time, allowing customers to improve energy efficiency and to reduce costs.

Water Utilities Digital Trasformation

Utility Contractors working on water projects such as main water network building or rehabilitation, meter installation, reservoir cleaning or hygiene tasks are faced with a number of challenges that are best tackled by using mobile technology.
Multi Product Functionality for your Sector

Available Packages



All basic requirements to easily digitise your mobile workforce.



Enhance your solution & improve productivity with insightful performance analytics.



Lead the industry with a fully comprehensive solution, incorporating full digitisation & predictive analytics.



Get started with Digital

All basic requirements to digitise your mobile workforce


Go to the next level

Enhance your solution & improve productivity with performance analytics


The FULL Works

Lead the industry with a fully comprehensive solution, incorporating full digitisation & predictive analytics

Mobile Worker

Workforce Data Capture
Visit / Workflow Management
Folio Access
Customisable Forms


Manual Advance Scheduling
Automated Advance Scheduling
Dynamic Dispatch

Order Management

Self Contained WOM
Materials Management
Stock / Asset Management
Project / Complex Use Case Management
Calculated Invoices
Remote Assistance
Customisable Solutions
Supply Chain Integration
Sub-contractor Management

Lone Worker Protection

Software Alert
GPS Tracking
Worker Down Alert
Hardware SOS
Managed Service
Beacon Geofencing


Historic Ops Analytics
Real-time Ops Analytics
Executive Dashboard
Worker Perf. Analytics
Virtual Coach
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