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Utilities & Infrastructure

Deliver services that are enriched by data and focused on compliance

The Utilities and Infrastructure sector is a highly regulated industry covering a vast supply chain of contractual services spanning sub-sector divisions such as Energy, Power, Rail, Roads, Telecoms, Water and Wastewater.

Totalmobile supports the resourcing challenges in this industry by delivering a complete field service management platform that offers a comprehensive range of highly useable and integrated service capabilities that optimise available resources to meet demand.

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Totalmobile’s field service platform helps organisations meet demand by unlocking productivity, allowing for more efficient service delivery without the need to expand the current workforce.

  • Workforce Automation: Transition from manual spreadsheet-based scheduling to enhanced automation. This streamlines operations, reduces service costs and boosts profit margins.
  • Creating Efficiency: Equip engineers with a diverse task range and faster completion times, maximising productivity and capacity without expanding the workforce.
  • Improved Customer Satisfaction: Enhanced service levels boost consumer trust and help secure more high-value contracts.
  • Commitment to Ethical Practices: Efficient scheduling means fewer site visits. By minimising travel, your engineers can focus more on service delivery, reflecting our commitment to the environment and efficient work.

Kelly Group deployed Totalmobile’s dynamic scheduling solution for their 1,000 telecoms field engineers

“When my operational team came to me to review our current manual scheduling system to one which was more dynamic to cope with variable task scenarios, we looked to Totalmobile for it’s agility and adaptability to support any operational task scenario we threw at them. This gave us the confidence that whether the requirement was for 10 jobs or 10,000 jobs the automated scheduling solution from Totalmobile would do the job for us.”

Hugo Sweeney, IT Director, Kelly group
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Field Service Management The Complete Guide

Field Service Management – The Complete Guide will provide a comprehensive introduction to modern field service management, defining what field service management is, evaluating the current market trends and looking specifically at what FSM solutions can do for you.



Totalmobile offers the Utilities Contractor sector a complete automated field-service platform with a unique feature of enabling the maximum productivity to meet demand and which delivers services more efficiently without the dependency of increasing an existing workforce.

This is through:

  • Workforce Automation: streamlining operations and creating efficiencies by moving from manual, spreadsheet-based scheduling operation to an enhanced automation of service which delivers a reduction in the cost of service and growth in profit margins.
  • Minimising Risk: Increased rate of tasks completed and minimisation of potential errors made on-site.
  • Creating Efficiency: Enabling a more diverse range of tasks carried out by engineers, along with faster completion times, enables more productivity and capacity within an existing workforce.
  • Improved Customer Satisfaction: Improvements in service levels gains additional consumer confidence and succeeds in winning more high-value contracts.
  • Commitment to Ethical Practices: By working more efficiently, the need for travel to sites is reduced and creating efficient schedules that maximise job completions and minimise travel, ensures that engineers spend more time delivering services and less time on the road.

Field Service Software That Won’t Cost The Earth

Companies must prioritise sustainability, ethical practices, and positive social impact in today’s world. Totalmobile shares this commitment. Following a period of rapid expansion, our business is evolving. Our Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) strategy now serves as the cornerstone of our continued growth. By integrating ESG principles into our operations, we strive to build a more sustainable, equitable, and ethical future.


Sector Specific Use Cases

Smart Asset Management

Take a look at the emergence of smart meters in Utilities, the benefits that they can bring and plans in the UK and Ireland.

Repair and Maintenance

Industry 4.0 is bringing massive disruption into Utility sectors, leveraging new technologies to help improve repair and maintenance work is vital

Smart Meter Installation

A Smart Meter is an electronic device that is used to read electricity and gas consumption in real-time, allowing customers to improve energy efficiency and to reduce costs.

Water Utilities Digital Trasformation

Utility Contractors working on water projects such as main water network building or rehabilitation, meter installation, reservoir cleaning or hygiene tasks are faced with a number of challenges that are best tackled by using mobile technology.
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