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Field Operations. Connected.

Utilise drives productivity and efficiency in Utility and Infrastructure organisations by providing management with the real-time performance insights of their entire field operations, enabling them to manage the profitability of every contract. Utilise provides a complete end-to-end job management capability.

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Better Control Costs

Closely monitor operational costs, enabling you to manage assets, better control contractors, invoice quicker and maximise the efficiency of service delivery.

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Improve Workforce Productivity

By better managing items of work, eliminating admin and removing non-productive time, your staff provide a more proactive service.

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Visibility of Performance

Live insights that provide key performance data enables management to ensure that all compliance standards are being met, providing a basis for continuous improvement.

Work Order Management

Utilise Work Order Management solution is designed for the full life cycle management of Repair & Maintenance contracts, from the receipt of the Work Order through to the submission of the payment claim. 

​​The solution manages the scheduling and dispatch of the Activities ( jobs ) associated with the Work Orders to the field teams. The solution also manages the costs and revenue associated with each Work Order. Field teams use our mobile app to capture details about the completed Activities such as; labour hours, material usage, plant usage, sub-contractor details and so on. These usage quantities are multiplied by a Schedule of Cost Codes to calculate how much the Work Order has cost to complete. 

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The solution also holds the Schedule of Rates from the Client which lists how much they pay for each Activity type. So by knowing the costs and the revenue we provide customers with indicative margin calculations for each Work Order and other financial metrics such as Revenue Per Man Day.

The solution includes executive dashboards showing Operational Performance Metrics such as Availability, Utilisation, Effectiveness and Productivity. Maintaining high Productivity levels is key to ensuring project profitability. Our solution provides management with the insights they need to ensure profitability targets are met.

Capital Works Management

Our Capital Works Management solution is designed for managing complex projects with multiple activities that are carried out over several weeks and months – such as the construction of large infrastructure projects.

The solution is used to hold the Schedule of Activities for each capital project. Each Activity describes the work that needs to be completed, including the budgeted cost, estimated cost and the final actual cost incurred. The solution consists of an Activity Planner tool that is used to plan the individual Activities and assign them to one or more field teams for completion over multiple days.

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The field teams use our mobile app to record their daily track sheets – recording the work they have completed against each Activity, including an estimate of the percentage work completed. Quantity Surveyors use our solution to track actual costs incurred versus budget.  

The solution includes executive dashboards showing key Operational, Commercial, Quality and Health & Safety metrics.

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Asset Management

Extending the operational lifetime of infrastructure assets is an important activity in the drive to net carbon zero. Our Asset Management solution supports the work of refurbishing and re-using assets versus replacing assets. Our solution is used to programme the optimum maintenance cycle on a per asset basis. The solution manages the task of assigning asset inspections and repairs to field technicians. Task allocation is done in a way that minimises travel time (route optimisation) and minimises resources (schedule optimisation).

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The solution is used to visualise the location of your assets on a google map – with different icons for different asset types and different colours representing different statuses, such as in-service, out of service, needs repair and so on. The status of assets can be updated via the mobile app or via a message from an Internet of Things sensor.

View reports showing assets by status – how many assets are in service, out of service or need repairing. See the mean time to repair for different asset categories. View the number of assets inspected or repaired today, this week or the previous week.

Job Management

Our job management solution is used to optimise the scheduling and dispatching of jobs to field teams. Our job management solution is used for managing works such as: smart meter installation, fibre build management, Electric Vehicle charge-point installation and so on.

Our solution uses our dynamic scheduler tool called Optimise. Jobs are automatically allocated to field teams based on constraints such as skill, availability, geographical area and so on. Optimise dynamically reschedules jobs during the day based on real-world issues such as traffic delays, absence, work delays and so on.

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Our job management solution includes comprehensive operational dashboards showing number of jobs completed versus plan, number of jobs aborted and so on. Our dashboards provide real-time views and also trends views over an extended date range.

Safety, Health, Environment and Quality (SHEQ) Management

Our SHEQ solution enforces health and safety compliance, guiding field workers through pre-determined workflows to ensure work is carried out safely. 

Our mobile app is used by field teams to complete start of day checks, end of day checks, point-of-work risk assessments and vehicle inspection checks. The mobile app is also used to confirm method statements have been read, tool talks have been conducted and also report incidences, near misses and good catches.

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Health and Safety officers use our back office system to review live reports coming from the field, showing photos and videos of site safety measures and confirmation of compliance. In addition Health and Safety officers use our mobile app to carry out safety inspections, record any non-conformities and assign follow up actions to the required person – both directly employed and sub-contracted.

Our solution is used to carry out Environmental surveys and Quality Audits and offer extensive dashboard reports showing how SHEQ key performance indicators are trending over time. 

Enterprise Mobility

Eliminating paper forms from the field is one of our key objectives. It is difficult to draw insights from data that is captured on paper forms. However once this data is captured digitally at source, we are able to present this data in highly visual dashboards, providing management with the insights they need to support real-time decision making. Our aim is to “digitise the worker”.

At the core of our offering is a flexible tool, used to convert any paper form into a digital mobile form. Our customers can use our tools to create their own forms, which can be used for any inspection, survey or audit.

Depending on the sub-sector, our mobile forms are used for: data collection for BIM and GIS systems, fibre Quality Audits , mobile cell tower surveys, As-Built surveys and snag reports, water and energy metering,  vegetation management and pole surveys.

Utilise can be used to survey remote assets. Update the attributes of assets such as condition, photos, GPS location and so on. Automatically pass the updated asset attributes from Utilise to your GIS system via our open APIs.