Care at Home

Totalmobile’s complete care management ensures your organisation has full visibility over service capacity, the ability to efficiently create care plans and effectively schedule staff visits to enable the delivery of a more efficient homecare service.
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Empowered Care

Providing carers with improved ways of working and improving care quality with better visibility of care requirements.

Pulse Nursing at Home

Pulse Nursing at Home, a leading provider of complex care in the community faced, operational challenges in its ‘Short Term Reablement Service (STRS)’ because of manual, time-consuming processes. Totalmobile’s suite of innovative solutions transformed its services and led to remarkable benefits. The partnership has revolutionised healthcare operations, setting the stage for a more efficient and promising future in Pulse Nursing at Home’s healthcare service delivery.

Key Results

  • Transformed manual work processes, including client details, referrals, and rosters.
  • Reduction in incidents and improved collaboration with Totalmobile’s real-time data capturing.
  • Auto scheduling and automatic optimisation of daily schedules has reduced administrative burdens and provided Pulse Nursing at Home’s team of support workers with more quality time for clients.
  • Significant cost savings and enhanced scalability – service delivery planners can now manage multiple contracts.
  • No missed calls and a significant reduction in risk ratings have been achieved through Totalmobile’s automated scheduling system.
  • Improved employee morale and enhanced work-life balance.
  • Customer satisfaction at an all-time high.