Fife Council’s Health and Social Care Partnership is responsible for arranging social care services for people and communities in Fife.

Every day, the service makes a real difference to people’s lives at times of personal or family need.

Implementing mobile technology has been a major focus for Fife Council, to ensure that they are able to continue to support people at home with the highest quality of care. As a result of this need, they deployed solutions from Totalmobile, including mobile workforce management and dynamic scheduling to approximately 900 home carers, across 31 local patches, covering all of Fife.

Fife Council set out with a clear objective – “Transforming Care at Home through the effective use of mobile technology”.

Fife’s goals included implementing dynamic scheduling, have the ability to provide better tracking, visibility and reporting, achieve increased job satisfaction and improved service delivery.

As a result of implementing a mobile working strategy, the solutions have helped them to achieve ground breaking results and truly embrace mobile working.

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increase productivity chart
35% increase in the internal capacity to take on new service users (up from 1100 to 1450)
They have achieved huge benefits as a result of mobile working:

  • Deliver savings of approximately £2.35 million per year in this area
  • A reduction of 50% in the weekly number of missed visits;
  • Reduced travel time for local carers due to optimised plans;
  • Improved continuity of care following data cleansing and review;
  • Improved reporting and visibility.

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