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Rostering Software

Workforce Rostering Solution

A flexible and comprehensive rostering solution that enables organisations to effectively manage staff to meet specific and complex rostering requirements. Empowering organisations to take a modern and mixed approach to the make-up of their workforce, the single solution manages all staff to ensure the right people, with the appropriate skills are assigned to the required locations and shifts to ensure the delivery of high quality of services.

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Better Control Costs

A streamlined process improves the utilisation of people and assets to reduce the dependency on overtime and 3rd party staff.

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Enhance Organisational Compliance

Ensure the right skills are available to undertake the work required, while ensuring all working time regulations are adhered to.

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Improve Service Quality

With a standardised and efficient planning process, organisations can effectively assign staff to specific shifts and identify any potential risks and discrepancies.

Shift Pattern Design

The key to maximising productivity and efficiency is aligning your shift patterns, rotas and rosters to fluctuating demand and employee availability.
With support from our shift planning experts we will help you design and implement new shift working patterns that deliver increased flexibility which meet variations in demand and capacity, whilst protecting employee well-being.
In addition we recognise that changing shift patterns can be a challenging and emotive subject. With the help of our engagement and communication experts, we will ensure your mobile workerforce and unions are fully involved in your new shift planning and workforce management processes. As the leading provider of field service management solutions, Totalmobile is uniquely placed to help organisations create optimised working patterns.
Please contact us to arrange a 1-2-1 online or face to face session with one of our shift planning experts here.
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Staff Self Service Portal

The area where the majority of the organisation will interact with the system, the self-service portal allows staff to log on and access their assigned shift and any further duties. If permitted staff can also view complete rosters providing them with an insight of the shifts assigned to other staff members. In addition to roster access, the self-service portal enables staff to manage upcoming absences and apply for leave, as well as complete timesheets and submit claims for overtime.

The solution also supports a self-rostering approach. This enables organisations to push out shifts to staff who then claim available shifts and build up their own working time, essentially constructing their own roster, within set parameters imposed by the organisations.

Manual Shift and Roster Allocation

For those providers with in house resource planning teams, Organise provides an easy to use feature that enables staff to assign and amend shift details as necessary to ensure each shift is appropriately covered. Once rosters are published or a shift has been amended, a notification is then sent to the appropriate staff to inform them that there is an update that requires their attention.

Although the allocation of shifts is left to the resource planning team, the system does provide guidance where required. This means that planners will be notified of any rostering specific alerts, such as the required skills not being available in a particular shift, or any potential conflict with working time directives. This ensures that organisations are always working to a roster that is not only efficient, but meets all compliance standards.

Automated Shift and Roster Allocation

Always look to provide that extra bit of help, Organise also provides a fully automated rostering function, that gives the system the ability to assign staff to vacant shifts based on core, predefined shift pattern rules. This ensures that organisations are operating with rosters that fit for purpose and meet all standards. A fully automated solution, approval processes around such areas as shift swap requests, and applications to work available shifts can be automated. This helps organisations significantly streamline various processes, and as the solution only bases any approval on predefined rostering rules and compliance standards, there is complete confidence in the efficiency and safety of all assigned shifts.

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3rd Party Staff Management and Brokerage

The modern organisation often is required to rely on multiple sources of resource in order to meet its needs. Not only does organise empower organisations to maximise the capacity of their in-house workforce, but they can also extend all capabilities to any required flexible, adaptive and contingent staff, ensuring total control all via one solution.

When assistance is needed from 3rd party staff providers to complete shift pattern requirements, the solution clearly highlights the particular shifts that need to be covered and provides the ability to advertise these vacant shifts to 3rd party supplier. Private organisations can then nominate staff to cover the available shifts. These applications can then be reviewed within Organise, where they can either be approved, or other options can be assessed.

Staff Information Database

Organise provides organisations with the ability to access all relevant information related to their workforce. More than just just staff name, contact details and identification number, the solution enables providers to access role specific details such as staffing grade, skills and groups that they are members of.

With the ability to easily view and search for specific details, organisations have access to the information required to develop a detailed understanding of the workforce that they have available.