Reducing travel time

Birmingham Community Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust have seen a reduction in travel time since implementing Rio Mobilise.

Rio Mobilise

Using the app, the Trust can access Rio, Servelec’s EPR system anywhere, recording updates in real-time and building a true collaborative work environment. As a result, nurses do not have to return to base as often – helping them to protect their own wellbeing and manage their increased workload more efficiently.

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Birmingham Community Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust

Birmingham Community Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust has been using the Rio Mobilise solution to transform the way their clinicians provide help in the community.

Developed in partnership with Servelec the mobile solution has freed up time for healthcare professionals to do what they do best, care for others. Duncan Robinson, Director of IT at the Trust said that the Rio Mobilise solution has given their teams, ‘the freedom they need outside of work’ as previously their workload was impacting their personal lives. Jo Ralph, Healthcare Assistant said that the solution has, ‘changed everything’ for her, explaining that the solution, ‘has taken a lot of pressure off her role.’

Thanks to the technology, productivity has seen a sharp increase and it has helped the Trust evolve. Patients are now benefiting from being able to spend more valuable time with clinicians, who are in turn benefiting from a reduction in travel and administration time.

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