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Mental Health

Mental health care includes the development and integration of inpatient and outpatient services in general hospitals and polyclinics, and the treatment and prevention of common mental disorders in community-based and/or primary health care.

Similar to other sectors the growing demand for inpatient care is a key issue and are contributing to financial pressures within the sector. Growing demand is also leading to a need for trusts to recruit more staff, and trusts are facing the increasing costs of staff recruitment and retention, including covering the costs of the agenda for change pay uplift.

With the use of technology, you can provide access to all relevant patient records, complete required assessment forms and update expenses, you can mobilise all elements of a clinician’s role, not just individual aspects.

This not only improves the working lives of care professionals, but helps unlock greater efficiencies and creates additional staff capacity by giving back significant time every day.

Features of the solution:

Features of the solution:

Access Patient Records – Staff can efficiently access all required patient records, including care plans and history, in real time, ensuring they can make intelligent, informed decisions.

Complete Clinical Forms – Easy to complete clinical forms ensure all required information is captured at the point of patient care. Patient record systems are then automatically updated with this information, removing paper processes.

Skill based Scheduling – Efficient schedules that makes the best use of your care professional’s time, while also ensuring that the right staff, with the right skills are delivering the right care.

Increase remote worker safety – Monitor and support the wellbeing of your remote healthcare professionals and receive alerts from any concerned employee who is operating in a high-risk environment.


Business Outcomes:

  • 31% more face-to-face time with the patient
  • 100% of patient visits successfully outtcomed
  • 61% reduction in clinical record input time
  • 2 additional patient visits, per nurse, per day