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Reablement & Care Services

We provide a complete care management solution that offers full visibility over service capacity while efficiently creating care plans to ensure Reablement teams can effectively manage the entire service delivery process.

Improved continuity of care, which ultimately leads to better outcomes and improves customer satisfaction.

Better use of existing capacity by empowering your staff to undertake more visits per day.

Delivering a more compliant service by having clear visibility and evidence of the effectiveness of delivered care.


Increase In Internal Capacity


Reduction In Missed Visits

90% +

Of Scheduling Is Automated

Join the other organisations transforming their Reablement and Care Services

A Complete Care Management Solution for Reablement Services

We understand your challenges

We know that amongst other challenges, the most common one is that support staff have difficulty accessing support plans, whether that be within their current back office systems or at the point of care. 

Empowering Your Staff with Technology

By providing your care staff with technology including care management, mobile working and scheduling capabilities, you are enabling them with the ability to access records and have full visibility of the support plans via one system empowering the delivery of quality care & support services. 

Revolutionise your workforce with our solution

Our reablement solution can support your organisation to generate greater capacity within your existing workforce whilst delivering a higher quality and improved service user experience.


Benefits of our technology in your sector

Helping you tackle Key Challenges

Totalmobile’s reablement solution empowers reablement service providers to tackle some of their biggest challenges, enhance service quality and experience a fantastic ROI. 

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Learn more about our customers and how they have transformed the way they are delivering reablement services.


Our Reablement Solution

We provide an end-to-end solution with intuitive and responsive real-time support monitoring and planning capabilities. It allows you to maintain service users, set up schedules for their support plan, regularly assess for goal planning and check capacity for onboarding new service users. 

Dynamic Scheduling

In addition, you can also dynamically schedule daily visits to optimise support workers, track progress of their working day while providing the necessary tools to manage and assess the entire service through our real-time dashboards. 

All solution features…
Capacity CheckerContinuity of CareMedication AdministrationManagement of Care OutcomesManagement of 3rd party providers

Anchored Through Our Platform Capabilities

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Dynamic Scheduling

Removes over 90% of the allocations work, enabling staff to focus on high priority items.

Dynamic Scheduling

Mobile Working

Providing accurate visit durations in real time. When used in conjunction with our dynamic scheduling tool, it enables you to analyse the spare capacity on prior days.

Mobile Working

Protect Lone Worker Solution Logo

Lone Worker Protection

Protect your care workers and give them the ability to send alerts when they have any safety concerns or are operating in a high-risk environment.

Lone Worker Protection

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Workforce Rostering

The epitome of digital transformation, providing you with clarity on where you problem areas lie, for example, lack of capacity or particular skills at certain times of the day, staff working patterns that don’t support the demand.

Workforce Rostering

7 years of successful deployment, elevating care service quality.

Totalmobile has revolutionised our service. We are now provided with a level of management intelligence and visibility we have never been able to see or report on before. This enables us to ensure that a higher level of planned care is delivered to those in need within the community.”

Karen MarwickBusiness Change Manager, Care at Home, Fife Council

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Our solution enhances reablement service delivery by addressing current system gaps. Support staff often lack care plan visibility and access to vital service user information at the point of care. This is due to back-office system disconnects or systems not communicating, hindering knowledge sharing.

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