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Yellow Alert

Voice memo in case of emergency

Yellow Alert : In case of emergency

Yellow Alert lets a lone worker leave a voice message with task- or location-specific information any time they enter a potentially hazardous situation.

The message can provide vital contextual information, saving valuable time in a crisis.

Voice Memo

If your lone worker raises a Red Alert or cannot be contacted for any reason, the Yellow Alert message will be accessed by operatives at the Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC). In an emergency, this recording can provide vital contextual information and save valuable time.
Our app and many of our dedicated devices support Yellow Alert, at the tap of a screen or the touch of a button.

Useful Information

We advise leaving as much clear and specific information as possible. Some examples of details which would be useful in an emergency include:

  • Alternate contact number.

  • Contact details for colleagues who are close by.

  • Time expected to complete a task and/or journey.

  • The floor and/or door number for a flat or office.

  • A multi-storey car park level or parking bay number.

They said…

“Already feedback has been positive; our team members have found the SOS Fob very easy to use. In particular, workers value the Yellow Alert feature; it makes a positive difference to users to know that when triggered the Yellow Alert is recorded and acknowledged.”

Thomas Berry, Health & Safety Manager, Calico Homes

Yellow Alert is available on all of our devices and apps.

Safe Hub App
Smartphones & Mobiles


High-quality 2-way audio


SOS ID Badge
Ripcord activated alarm


SOS Button
Wearable & discreet


Satellite Devices
For low signal zones

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