Lone Worker Protection Solution

A fully managed lone worker solution that provides lone workers with the ability to raise alerts, contact an Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) and request emergency assistance if required.


Protect provides a fully managed service, 7 days a week.

Red Alert Button

The Red Alert button connects the lone worker immediately with the ARC, who can dispatch blue light services, directing them to the worker’s exact GPS location.

Essex County Council

Essex County Council is one of the UK’s biggest councils employing approximately 9,000 staff. Council services include education, social care, waste and recycling, transport and highways, libraries, and leisure and tourism. Many of the staff who deliver these services work by themselves or out-of-sight of colleagues and can be in challenging customer-facing roles.

Essex County Council has lone workers in many departments. Roles with a particularly high-risk profile include those where staff work directly with residents and businesses such as trading standards officers, social workers, park wardens, officers who make site visits and even librarians in some of the smaller facilities across the county. Many of these team members are often in isolated locations, using potentially hazardous machinery or facing aggressive and violent behaviour from the public. The council identified all the staff roles that included a lone-working component, conducted a risk assessment, and established a health and safety profile for each one.

Essex County Council selected Lone Worker Solutions from Totalmobile to protect their team members when they are working alone or out-of-sight. Totalmobile’s Lone worker solution has enabled the council to have control over staff members giving them reassurance help is at hand should they need it. Read the full case study to see how Protect from Totalmobile has helped Essex County Council.

Making a difference

Essex County Council work with other local authorities, as well as regional, national and international authorities, to deliver services and represent the best interests of the people of the county.