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Group Alert

Broadcast urgent warnings

Group Alert : Tailor to teams or geo-areas

Our Group Alert feature is a way to warn groups of lone workers of the hazards they might face – and how to avoid them. With Group Alert, managers can send critical alerts to workers in the event of an emergency. We developed this feature in response to demand from clients, including the US utility company, American Water. This feature is supported on our app and several of our dedicated devices.

There are plenty of circumstances when Group Alert comes into its own. For instance, there might be a terror alert or attack in a particular area. Another example would be a natural disaster, or an extreme weather event. Even though many lone workers may get to hear about extreme events via social media, our advanced communications technologies provide a faster way of getting a clear and consistent message through to them.

Pinpoint targeting

Group Alert provides tailored messages, so line managers can take into account where their lone workers are, or where they might be going.

They can target messages to specific individuals or pre-defined groups, if there is a particular job function which is at risk from an event. Or they can limit the message geographically, by specifying users within a given radius from a particular central point.or

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Totalmobile’s Loan worker solution has enabled the council to have control over staff members giving them reassurance help is at hand should they need it.

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