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Finding your workers in a crisis

GPS Locate : Pinpoint accuracy

When using Safe Hub, the lone worker’s GPS location is reported to the system every ten minutes as standard (although this frequency can be customised), and whenever a Red, Yellow or Worker Down Alert is raised.

About GPS

The Global Positioning System (GPS) tracking system uses a network of satellites linked via Safe Hub to the lone worker’s device or app. The network consists of 30 satellites broadcasting radio signals in a permanent near-earth orbit of approximately 20,000 km. Now used widely around the globe, GPS was initially set up for US military navigation. The first satellite in the system, Navstar 1, was launched in 1978.


From any point on the globe, four GPS satellites are visible all the time. At regular intervals, they each transmit the current time and their location. The signals reach your lone working device, and Safe Hub calculates how long the message took to reach you and your distance from the satellite. By overlaying the information from three of the visible satellites, GPS can pinpoint your location. This process is called trilateration.

Customised use

Safe Hub lets us customise the settings for each client to ensure the use of GPS Locate complies with their individual policies and procedures around privacy. So you can choose exactly who can see a worker’s GPS location, and how that information can be used. Each activity performed within Safe Hub is tracked to allow for monitoring and compliance.

GPS Locate is available on all of our devices and apps.

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