Lone Worker Protection

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What is Lone Worker Protection?

A lone worker is defined by the Health and Safety Executive as those who work by themselves without close or direct supervision. The worker may not therefore be physically alone but situated in a different location from their manager or the rest of their team. There are a range of lone worker types across multiple sectors such as security guards, social workers, delivery agents and construction workers.

It is estimated there is approximately 8 million lone workers in the UK. As a result, lone workers face greater risks than those who are perhaps working alongside a team of colleagues. These risks may include falling ill, having an accident or running into increased risk of violence or abuse and feeling vulnerable. Statistics from the British Crime Survey suggest that over 150 lone workers are attacked each day.

Procedures must be put in place to monitor lone workers as effective means of communication are essential in order to ensure the safety of an employee and to also enable organisations to adhere to compliance regulations and legal requirements. Each employer therefore has a duty of care to protect their lone worker employees and abide by the legal obligation. In order to protect employees’ safety and wellbeing, organisations are implementing mobile technology across their remote workforce as a personal safety device which offers a range of comprehensive protection features.

What value does lone worker protection provide organisations?

Lone worker protection ultimately ensures the safety of lone workers offering mobile technology which allows for instant access and communication with colleagues to manage risk and escalate alerts where needed. Additionally, it ensures organisations are meeting compliance and legal regulations and empowering staff with greater confidence in their day to day role.

Lone worker protection should be designed to be flexible. You should be able to select the features, apps and devices to suit each member of your team. The software connects lone workers to a state-of-the-art alarm receiving centre (ARC). High-quality, 2-way audio lets users talk directly to the ARC when they need support. Advanced GPS means we can direct emergency service to the exact location in the fastest possible time, bypassing 999 call centres.

  • Reduce risk to the lone worker, ensuring their safety is paramount and allowing them to continue with their daily tasks
  • Keep track of your employees, if an alarm is raised, easily locate the exact whereabouts of the worker during an emergency or accident
  • Provide employees with confidence that you are taking essential measures to keep them safe, should an event occur they are assured efficient and secure procedures are in place
  • Protect your business and its employees – mitigate against any risks experienced by staff, organisations are protected against financial or other potential penalties in the future

Organisations can gain full visibility over their remote workforce with access to real time data events such as alarms, automatic alerts and real time reporting.

This visibility enables organisations to quickly escalate issues to the relevant emergency response services should an incident occur.

With access to alert escalations via their specialised or mobile device, employees can gain confidence they are safe and secure, this confidence can lead to an increase in productivity as they are confident and focused on carrying out their duties more efficiently.

Customers can benefit from an improved service delivery with increased capacity and productivity from employees.

What helps deliver great Lone Worker Protection?

Worker first approach / Empower and equip your workforce

Putting the needs of your employee first by equipping them with the relevant tools to ensure their safety and empower them with peace of mind that help can be provided immediately if necessary.

Improve communication

With instant access to mobile devices to alert any escalations or just to simply keep in regular contact with colleagues, lone workers benefit from improved communication processes which enhances their ability to carry out their jobs safely.

Assure compliance

Organisations can ensure they are legally complying with safety regulations in order to protect the health and wellbeing of their employees. Additionally, information is recorded and updated in real time should it be required for auditing purposes or in the case of an incident occurring.

Visibility of information and worker location

Keep track of where your lone workers are located using specialist location features included in the software. This visibility ensures enhanced safeguarding and protection of your remote workforce with the ability to accurately locate their whereabouts.