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SOS Badge

Ripcord Activated Alarm

Doubles up as identity card holder

The SOS ID Badge Alarm brings another level of discreet, wearable protection to Safe Hub. It’s particularly suitable for healthcare employees, social workers and front-of-house staff.

This slim and ultra-light device is easy to wear, using a clip or carrying strap. With GPS Locate, Red Alert, Yellow Alert and Worker Down fitted as standard, the device provides a broad range of support options.

Satellite technology provides pinpoint accuracy

Using GPS and GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) technology, a worker’s location can be pinpointed within moments. With its powerful hybrid communications technology, the device works equally well indoors and outdoors. When indoors or in a public location, it uses cellular, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi signals. Outdoors, it deploys 3-constellation GNSS service for a faster location fix. Whatever their situation, this will provide the right kind of help to lone workers as soon as they need it.


  • Easily identifiable SOS key and ripcord alarm.

  • Roaming SIM to maximise network coverage.

  • Rechargeable battery gives up to 4 days of active use.

  • LED display shows battery and connectivity status.

  • Ultra-light (weighs just 74 grams).


Call for help in a hurry

Two-way voice call with discreet activation via the prominent central SOS button. The device offers complete customisation at an individual device level, including an audible dial or silent dial with the option of one- or two-way audio to the ARC.

Yellow Alert

In case of emergency

Voice memo is activated by a secondary button, allowing lone workers to leave a recorded message providing task- or location-specific information. This can save valuable time if the worker then initiates a Red Alert.

Worker Down

Impact detection

Fall and impact detection alert. Alert sensitivity can be customised up or down on individual devices or even deactivated entirely to provide the best fit for every lone worker using the device.

GPS Locate

Accurate to 2.5m

GPS location is captured in Safe Hub in real-time and used by the ARC operator to direct emergency services to the lone worker’s exact location. The GPS chipset in the device is accurate to 2.5 metres or less in normal conditions.

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Totalmobile’s Loan worker solution has enabled the council to have control over staff members giving them reassurance help is at hand should they need it.

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