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Providing a fully automated platform of field-service management capabilities

Totalmobile empowers Telecoms FTTP (Fibre-to-the-Premises) providers with a fully-integrated field-service management platform. The end-to-end capabilities utilise a seamlessly connected tech stack that integrates with your existing infrastructure. This unified service platform optimises the whole delivery of FTTP through one cost-effective deployment.

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The Telecommunications landscape is rapidly changing. With new Government regulations, providers must have fibre to 92% of UK premises by 2030. This brings a unique set of challenges.

They include:

  • Capacity: Demand for 5G and the ongoing fibre rollout has increased network data. Effectively handling this data influx to maintain optimal performance and customer satisfaction while boosting ‘first-time’ fix rates across a large field workforce poses a major challenge.
  • Customer Demand has escalated the need for fast, reliable internet and communication services. Meeting this demand puts an enormous strain on how engineers are rostered to ensure KPIs are met.
  • Employee Satisfaction: For field-based engineers, the experience of trying to work out the most efficient way of doing their job, such as manually working out the best travel routes, parking permits and scheduled work slots, can be very demoralising. Add to that that 91% of telco employees want to work remotely, and travel and optimisation becomes even more imperative (Ernst & Young).
  • Cost: Due to these inefficiencies, costly telecoms sub-contractors are employed to address the gaps in meeting demand. This results in a need for more consistency in skilled labour, compliance, and additional cost expenditure.

In this environment, Telecom providers must adapt and innovate to deliver reliable, fast, and sustainable services for their customers.

  • Integration with Existing Systems: Telecoms providers can build tailored solutions without significant upfront investment or specialised in-house skills using a low-code no-code approach.
  • Exceptional Customer Experience: Minimal network downtime and superior service quality enhance customer satisfaction.
  • Workforce Productivity: Clear visibility, and accurate data collection improve efficiency and decision making.
  • Guaranteed Compliance: Streamline communication and promote accountability with holistic contractor management.
  • Customer Engagement and Communication: Totalmobile’s customer portal enables real-time communication between customers and engineers, allowing tracking of repairs or maintenance.
  • Building a Sustainable Future for Telecoms: Remote assist capabilities promote eco-friendly practices, reducing carbon emissions and unnecessary site visits – meeting environmental targets.

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