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Fire & Security

Providing a fully automated platform of field-service management capabilities

The Fire & Security service industry is growing in size and complexity, driven by new building safety laws. Totalmobile’s comprehensive field service platform is empowering the teams installing, servicing, and commissioning wired and wireless fire safety equipment across the UK.

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Optimising Workforce Automation in the heavily regulated Fire & Security industry.

Here are the challenges faced by the Fire & Security sector:

  • Guaranteed Compliance – Adhering to the strict Fire Safety Act 2021 regulations is difficult. Slow processes and inaccurate data may lead to misdiagnoses and system malfunctions, posing significant risks.
  • Differentiating Service LevelsBalancing urgent and routine service calls without overbooking technicians or setting unachievable schedules is challenging without proper field service software.
  • Evolving Skilled WorkforceFire & Security service providers must ensure their engineers are multi-skilled. Recruitment of fewer yet more highly skilled engineers affects resource availability and the cost of staff recruitment and retention.
  • IoT (The Internet of Things) revolutionises the sector by enabling remote performance monitoring and issue detection, often requiring no human intervention. Adapting to this transformation is an ongoing challenge.

Workforce Scheduling


Optimise is a dynamic workforce scheduling solution, providing dynamic and efficient resource management to seamlessly adapt to changing service demands.

  • Enhances resource allocation to meet service demands.
  • Optimises staff scheduling for complex goals.
  • Allows rapid reaction to day-to-day changes.
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Optimise Work Schedules

Optimise complex work schedules for over 10,000 jobs every 30 minutes.

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Ensure All Standards Are Met

By scheduling the right person to work on the right job at the right time, you guarantee that your organisation is meeting all required SLAs and KPIs.

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Reduce CO2 Emissions

More efficient scheduling means your staff spend more time delivering services and less time travelling. This means you can reduce your carbon footprint and provide a more environmentally friendly service.


Workforce Rostering | The Complete Guide

Effective workforce rostering is no longer just an operational necessity; it’s a competitive advantage. Whether your teams are on the front lines or in the back office, your ability to plan, manage and adapt shift plans directly impacts your operational performance and the satisfaction of your service users. This is where workforce rostering software comes into play. But what is Workforce Rostering, and how can the right solution help transform service organisations like yours?


Employee Performance Insight (EPI)


EPI transforms workforce performance analysis by spotlighting individual contributions and growth opportunities.

  • Highlights Individual Contributions to Organisational Performance
  • Facilitates Real-Time Feedback from Employees and Customers
  • Promotes Consistent Information Flow for Service Quality Assurance
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Improve Job Completion Rates

Increase ‘first time’ job completion rates by more than 12%.

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Increase Workforce Capacity

Increase workforce capacity by 28% without a single hire.

Improve Employee Engagement

Effectively share objectives while rewarding high performance and providing appropriate support.

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“… Our operations teams are able to work more effectively, as they’re no longer spending unnecessary time trying to redeliver the same items, and more safely, as person-to-person contact has been reduced.”

Pat Fox, Director, Document Management, Mitie
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“… With Totalmobile we have developed a very solid and flexible field mobility platform which is enabling us to stay ahead of our competition.”

Bruce Ginnever, VP Operations, Stanley Security Europe
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