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Give clinicians the time to do more of the work that matters.

Totalmobile is at the forefront of enabling and transforming community health, mental health and social care. We provide clinicians and community based health and care professionals with the mobile technology they need to focus on patients and people instead of time-consuming activities like paper-based administration and poor access to patient information, which reduce efficiency.

Our solutions are designed to free clinical staff and community care workers, promote interoperability and allow them to focus on where they can be most effective and improve the quality of care for service users.

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Focus on Patients Not Paperwork

Clinicians and health and social care staff based in the community play a critical role in the lives of the people they care for. Our solutions support and empower them by eliminating cumbersome paperwork, improving access to patient information at the point of care and aiding the recording of information with clinical forms. The solutions are designed to help standardise care processes and removing systems that prevent the recording and sharing of patient information.

Homecare mobile working

More Time to Care

Our solutions provide clinicians with the ability to view relevant clinical information in a visual dashboard, information which has been taken from clinical back office systems to provide a full view of the patient’s health. It allows clinical staff to draw insights in a way like never before and make decisions quicker. Not only unlocking greater transparency but helping staff release capacity and maximise their own efficiency. By enabling care professionals in the community, care can remain and develop in the community.

Improved Efficiency & Cost Savings

Poor access to patient information, outdated scheduling processes and no mobile signal issues can all result in inefficient care provision. By equipping care professionals, with the right information, at the right time, they can deliver care more efficiently and to a higher standard. Remote locations are no longer an issue with information still accessible even when there is no mobile or wifi signal, and clinical forms on hand to provide continuous care. Removing paper-based processes and utilising automated scheduling reduces costs whilst maintaining a high standard of care.

10 Steps to Mobile Workforce Management - Health & Social Care Edition

Learn from customers who have already released the potential of their community based teams. Start your journey here.

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Key Features of our Solution

Enabling clinicians and community-based care professionals is something we are passionate about. Our mobile working solutions, mobilise multiple systems across the entire workforce, promoting interoperability and transforming how they work, improving patient care and improving efficiency.

  • Patient Visit Screen

    Our tailored patient visit screen ensures that all relevant information is available quickly and easily. Contextual information helps to prompt and remind community care professionals to complete all required documentation and activities during the visit, ensuring best practice. This is essential in improving the quality of care patients receive and in making the best decisions with up-to-date information.

    Patient Visit Screen
  • Clinical Forms

    Our tailored mobile forms and workflows can be easily configured to work around the patient and the care professional.  Our forms reduce data entry time by up to 60% and allow clinicians to complete more tasks in less time. Time that results in more quality care for patients.

    Clinical Forms
  • Access to Patient Records

    Our “clinical folio” provides quick context-based access to supporting patient records taken from various systems and agencies. It ensures that care professionals can make informed decisions throughout the patient’s experience, as well as at the point of care. The patient can enjoy the benefits of seeing up-to-date, visual information on their care, giving them a complete view of their health.

    Access to Patient Records
  • Dynamic Scheduling

    Mobilising your clinical staff or community nurses through their devices is only one part of the journey. Dynamic scheduling provides a rich visual means for your organisation to allocate, reallocate and recall work in the diaries of those providing care. It provides a complete view of the current status of staff diaries with live colour-coded feedback from user devices, including when work has started, is completed, is overrunning or scheduled to start late. So they can concentrate on what’s important – providing care.  

    Dynamic Scheduling
  • Analytics & Business Insights

    Powerful insights and analytics are taken from each visit; every valuable piece of clinical information is used to develop a clearer understanding of your organisational needs and those of your patients. Visual dashboards and reports unlock great efficiencies and full visibility of what’s working and what’s not for your clinical staff or community nurses. Continue to improve and meet the needs of those who need care.

    Analytics & Business Insights

Customer Success Stories


Learn how Barnet, Enfield and Haringey Mental Health NHS Trust successfully completed a mobile working pilot and saw 15% productivity gains to the benefit of staff and patients.

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