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Lone Worker Protection Solution

Alert and location-based technologies that enable organisations to ensure the safety of their employees and rapidly react to risks in the field.


Increase Remote Worker Safety

Monitor and support the wellbeing of your remote workforce and receive alerts from any concerned employee who is operating in a high risk environment.

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Enhance Organisational Compliance

Enhance the duty of care as an employer and safeguard staff, enabling them to have the confidence to focus on deliver great services.

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Mitigate Against Risk

Protecting staff and helping them avoid dangerous situations not only enables the continuation of service, but protects your organisation against potential penalties.

Alert to Dangerous Environments

Via an app on a mobile device, or through wearables and specific lone worker devices, remote staff can easily highlight to staff back at the office that they are currently at risk.

A range of alert processes can be implemented, including panic buttons, timed alerts, location based beacons, or group alerts. You have the freedom to configure a solution that meets your staff’s requirements. This provides additional confidence to staff members, knowing they can easily call on support if required.

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Evaluate and Escalate as Appropriate

Implement processes to immediately locate and attempt to communicate with the employee at risk to better understand the situation. Once contact is made, or if it is not possible, the solution enables staff at the control desk to escalate as appropriate.

A state of the art Alarm Response Centre (ARC) provides a immediate and flexible response. This ensures that all requests for help are answered within 10 seconds, while robust approval processes are appropriately managed to enhance the wellbeing of your employees.

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Analyse Data to Identify Future Risk

Offering a fully managed service, all data processed by the solution is captured and stored, providing real time reports that enable management to monitor and analyse key information such as usage and escalations. undertake analysis of any trends or high profile dangers.

Trends and regularly occurring issues can also be analysed. Areas of particular risk, common dangers experienced and various diagnostic information and all be reviewed via the management portal, to help make the decisions that will further ensure the safety of your workforce.

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Essex County Council (ECC)

See what this software has done for one of our customers.

Totalmobile’s Lone worker solution has enabled the council to have control over staff members giving them reassurance help is at hand should they need it.

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