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Lone Worker

Lone Worker Protection Solution

A fully managed lone worker solution that provides lone workers with the ability to raise alerts, contact an Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) and request emergency assistance if required. Fully compliant with BS8484 standards, the solution enables organisations to protect lone workers and ensure their wellbeing as they operate in potentially hostile or dangerous working environments.

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Enhance Lone Worker Safety

Monitor and support the wellbeing of your remote workforce and receive alerts from any concerned employee who is operating in a high-risk environment.

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Improve Organisational Compliance

Enhance the duty of care as an employer and safeguard staff, enabling them to have the confidence to focus on delivering great services.

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Mitigate Against Risk

Protecting staff and helping them avoid dangerous situations not only enables the continuation of service but protects our organisation against potential penalties.

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Software Alerts

Protect provides a range of alerts that enables lone workers to call for assistance if required. From a “Red Alert” that enables the lone worker to instantly call for emergency services, to a “Virtual Buddy” that helps provide reassurance in potentially high-risk environments, all our alerts are completely configurable to ensure that you meet the needs of the specific lone worker.

With all alerts raised through a specialised Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC), organisations can have complete confidence that any issues are dealt with by trained individuals who are committed to ensuring the safety and well-being of any lone worker in need.

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GPS Tracking

Providing additional levels of security, Protect offers organisations the ability to track the position of lone workers via their GPS location. Fully customisable, the solution takes a snapshot of the lone workers locations every time an alert is raised and can also be configured to take sporadic snapshots based on predetermined time intervals.

We understand that this may have the potential to raise privacy concerns and that’s why Protect provides the ability to restrict views of lone worker locations to only staff within the ARC, or certain employees

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lone worker protection devices
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Worker Down Alert

Protect offers a comprehensive range of alerts that can help ensure the wellbeing of workers, regardless of the nature of their working environment. The “Worker Down” alert detects if there has been an impact – normally caused by a fall – and automatically raises an alert. This is vital, as in many situations staff that have encountered a fall, may not be in a position to raise the alarm themselves.

Although primarily used for staff operating at heights, the alert can be cutomised to detect any type of fall. This is done by configuring the sensitivity of the impact detection monitored by the lone worker device.

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Hardware SOS

Organisations can take advantage of the fact that Protect supports the widest range of lone worker specific devices on the market. This means that each lone worker can be provided with the device that fits their specific needs – and organisation are only required to work with a single vendor in order to do so.

The SOS Fob is undeniably the most popular device in the market, mostly due to it’s ease of us, discrete design and multi network roaming SIM that provides enhanced connectivity. However the wide selection of devices means that their is the right device available for every lone worker.

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lone worker protection devices

Managed Service

Focused on making life easy for the customer, Protect provides a fully managed service, 7 days a week. This means that organisations are required to minimal resources as we undertake the cast majority of the work that ensures that your lone worker solution is operating as effectively as possible.

All updates, employee changes and user set ups and carried out by the Totalmobile support team, ensuring that your solution is running smoothly and providing your organisation with the opportunity to experience operational efficiencies.

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Beacon GeoFencing

A growing trend in the next generation of lone worker safety, beacon fencing enables organisations to provide updates and alerts to staff based on their location. Often used in large, fixed site locations – such as a factory or building site – staff can be made aware of when they enter a dangerous area, or can be reminded of required safety equipment.

In addition to this beacon geofencing can also identify staff that have entered unauthorised areas and inform management. This helps increase visibility of staff movement and provides information that enhances auditability.

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lone worker protection devices