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Totalmobile has taken a prominent position in the UK market, establishing the organisation as the largest independent provider of Field Service Management Software in the UK.  

In our recent blog, Gary Adams, Totalmobile’s Chief Financial Officer discusses how 2019 witnessed Totalmobile’s transformation strategy come of age.

With everything that has occurred over the last few months, you would be forgiven for feeling that a time as recent as last year, was in fact a lifetime ago.

In the last week, Totalmobile has released our results for FY2019, providing a thorough overview of the significant growth and progress that has been experienced across all areas of the organisation in the last year.

As I reflect on recent years and the effort made by all individuals to transform this company into the leading independent provider of SaaS based Field Service Management solutions in the UK, it feels like our growth strategy is truly coming of age.


Transformational Growth

The growth is clear to see. A 70% increase in our YoY revenue and a growth of 295% in our EBITDA, highlights the incredibly positive results that we experienced as a company over 2019.

However, this tells only part of the story. With in year recurring revenues accounting for 60% of total revenue, we are not only benefiting from a higher annual revenue base, enabling further growth, but consequently we are enhancing the health and robust nature of our organisation.

In addition to this a 100% increase in the volume of new customers won in 2019 shows that we are significantly growing our customer base, across a more diverse range of markets than ever before. Combining this with an existing customer base that continues to invest in additional Totalmobile products, provides us with a strong indication that our growth can continue in the upcoming months and years.


Acquisitions That Provide Capabilities and Scale

One of the highlights of 2019 was undoubtably the successful acquisition and integration of two complementary organisations, Technological Business Solutions Limited (TBS) and Cloud Dialogs Limited. The addition of these companies to Totalmobile has provided us with additional skills and expertise, entry into new market verticals and new products that we have added to our leading Field Service Management product suite.

The comprehensive range of products that we now have to offer provides us with an undoubted competitive advantage. Adding Job Management, Data Analytics and IoT capabilities to our marketing leading Mobile Working and Workforce Scheduling solutions, enables us to provide greater innovations and enhanced benefits to the 300+ customers and 100,000+ workers that are using our technology.


Delivering Value Brings Opportunity

The value that we deliver to our customers makes me confident that the growth experienced in 2019 marks only the beginning of an exciting number of years for Totalmobile. We continuously receive inspirational feedback from our customers around the efficiency savings, capacity gains, improvements in compliance and enhances in overall service delivery, that have been achieved through utilising our solutions.

Empowering organisations to achieve these transformational benefits puts us in a fantastic position to capitalise on the opportunity presented by a UK marketplace which is worth over £500 million in the UK ($3.6 billion globally) and growing by approximately 14% per year.

Finally, one aspect which I continue to be extremely proud of, is the dedication and expertise of our staff. In 2019 we grew our staff base from 130 to over 170 staff, through addition via acquisitions and also through the recruitment of highly skilled individuals in specifically selected areas. By introducing efficient operating models and opening offices in both Suffolk and Derbyshire, we have also increased our UK footprint that will complement our continued ambitious growth targets.


Looking Towards 2020

In summary I, along with the wider leadership team across Totalmobile, am very proud of the growth we experienced in 2019. I would like to personally thank our staff, our customers and our partners in the role they have played in helping us achieve this. However, I am equally excited about what is to come…

Totalmobile are ideally positioned to empower organisations to drive transformation through digitalising, mobilising and automating key processes. This ultimately streamlines and improves the delivery of field services.

The challenges presented by COVID-19 means that these innovations are more important than ever, and our robust nature and comprehensive product suite can empower field service organisations to achieve their strategic operational objectives.

For further information and to read Totalmobile’s 2019 Year in Review document, please download here.