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Digital innovation is an important requirement for any business or organisation. Investment in data, technology and new ways of working have benefited UK businesses across the board with the UK ranking 5th for data innovation amongst EU member states in a recent survey. This is great news for those industries who are making use of technology and data and benefiting from the resulting efficiencies that both can have for businesses. However, it signals that there are further innovations needed to maintain this upward trend. The future sees Field Service Management and enabling technologies, like the Cloud coming together.

How Businesses Benefit from Field Service Management in 2018

Here at Totalmobile, we have invested in Software as a Service (SaaS) to enable mobile staff to gain access and deploy our mobile solutions easier. Field Service management enables organisations to meet changing demand levels without compromising infrastructure. It supports the continued access of information and data, with many industries, such as healthcare already benefiting. With full access to all the information staff require at the point of care and helpful features such as note-taking on their devices and the ability to capture images, they are able to use a complete view of the patient’s health to make more informed decisions.

For Health & Safety, field service management offers access to individual, industry specific forms, which can be accessed from the Cloud and made individual to the organisation’s needs. Continued mobile working initiatives like these will support the secure, free flow of information and where it is needed.

Cloud computing on Digital Tablet with Field Service Management


The Cloud and Field Service Management

With the Cloud’s flexible access to information and its ability to reduce organisational reliance on expensive infrastructure that requires a lot of care and power, it is invaluable to those wishing to push digital transformation. We discussed The Cloud and Field Service Management in detail in our previous blog. By using the Cloud and its applications, data can be stored securely and easily accessed from any device. Field Service Management continues to develop by using the Cloud to enhance its features and accessibility for mobile workers.



The Cloud and Field Service Managment

The field service management and the Cloud opens the potential to huge savings by reducing an organisation’s reliance on data centres and allowing them to deploy and upgrade software solutions like field service management faster than ever before.

By deploying with SaaS, field service management and dynamic scheduling are only a few steps away. Mobile workers can benefit from efficient scheduling that utilises their skills appropriately and save valuable time by having the ability to record and access information on their device. These are only the start of the possibilities that Field Service Management can offer an organisation.

Security of information is also another major consideration and by investing in Cloud based technologies the amount of data being contained on site is drastically reduced. With appropriate security systems in place and the forthcoming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) taking effect in 2018, data has never been more secure.

Field Workforce Management can truly change how we work, it gives field workers the tools they need to do their jobs more efficiently whilst providing the company with more effective online tools that can reduce infrastructure spend and overall overheads.



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