North East Ambulance Service Foundation Trust (NEASFT) supports a population of around 2.7 million people in North East England, with its c.2,800 employees handling more than 1.4 million calls per annum.

A roster review was needed to ensure paramedics’ working patterns aligned with new requirements created by the Ambulance Response Programme, a set of standards designed to improve response times and patient care.

Our expert consultants used our workforce rostering software and engaged approach to co-design shift patterns that balance forecast demand with employee preferences and a wide range of operational factors.


  • New rosters ensure the appropriate allocation of vehicles and crews to respond to emergency calls within the timeframe targets set out under the ARP. 
  • Updated legacy practices and standardisation has led to productivity improvements and compliance assurance around Working Time Regulations and employment policies. 
  • Rosters have reduced shift overruns, ensured a more equitable distribution of night shifts/weekend working and are better aligned to employee preferences which is supporting recruitment and retention efforts. 
  • Significant annual budget savings have been delivered through reductions in underutilisation, private ambulance use and holiday cover can now be provided without the need for overtime. 
  • Best practice systems and approaches have been embedded which will ensure NEASFT can adapt rosters in response to changing standards, targets and employee preferences. 
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