Are you looking to become an employer of choice and improve your shift pattern design? Our rostering experts have created this comprehensive, 3-step guide to help you transform shift pattern design, creating appealing shift patterns that foster continuous improvement and leverage integrated technology.

In this ebook, you’ll learn how to deliver leading field service without sacrificing the employee experience, changing existing shift patterns and adopting best practices for rostering.

The guide covers three steps you can follow to introduce new shift patterns successfully and highlights the benefits of doing so, including reduced costs and increased productivity, improved service quality and better forward planning and flexibility. The guide also emphasises the importance of employee engagement and collaboration in changing shift patterns.


  • Introduction – Setting the scene
  • Step One – Analyse & Plan
  • Step Two – Design & Engage
  • Step Three -Optimise Rostering & Continuously Improve
  • Technology Is Key
  • What’s Next?