Employee Safety | The Complete Guide

Employee safety is a top priority in field service, and keeping your lone workers safe around the clock is crucial. Leading employee safety tools and processes are making their mark in the world of work. But what is employee safety, and what are your options as a responsible employer?

Employee Safety: The Complete Guide dives deep into the employee safety measures available to your mobile operations. We explore the contemporary work landscape, employee safety laws, challenges, solutions, and how cloud-based platforms can enhance workforce protection.


  • Chapter One – What is Employee Safety?
  • Chapter Two – Employee Safety Across Industries
  • Chapter Three – Employee Safety Challenges
  • Chapter Four – Addressing Employee Safety Challenges
  • Chapter Five – Navigating Lone Worker Protection
  • Chapter Six – Protect from Totalmobile
  • Chapter Seven – Employee Safety In Action
  • Next Steps
Employee safety the complete guide ebook cover.