Workforce Rostering | The Complete Guide

Effective workforce rostering is no longer just an operational necessity; it’s a competitive advantage. Whether your teams are on the front lines or in the back office, your ability to plan, manage and adapt shift plans directly impacts your operational performance and the satisfaction of your service users. This is where workforce rostering software comes into play. But what is Workforce Rostering, and how can the right solution help transform service organisations like yours?

Workforce Rostering – The Complete Guide provides a comprehensive introduction to modern rostering and shift planning, defining what workforce rostering is and looking specifically at what modern rostering solutions can do for you.



  • Chapter One – What is workforce rostering?
  • Chapter Two – Why is workforce rostering important?
  • Chapter Three – Industrial Applications of workforce rostering software
  • Chapter Four – Trends in Shift Planning and Rostering
  • Chapter Five – What are the features of a workforce rostering solution?
  • Chapter Six – What are the benefits of a workforce rostering solution?
  • Chapter Seven – Successful workforce rostering in action
  • Next Steps
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