Lone Worker App

Lone Worker Apps to enhance the safety of your mobile workforce

With approximately 6 million lone workers across the UK and many organisations increasing their mobile workforces to enhance community based services, there is a drive towards adopting app based technologies to drive improvements across a range of areas. But while organisations are quick to implement app based solutions to enhance workforce productivity and operational efficiency, there also needs to be the adoption of smartphone apps to ensure the personal safety of lone workers.

By providing access to an app, via a lone worker’s smartphone, not only can the personal safety and wellbeing on employees be protected, but organsations can enhance their duty of care as an employee. Taking a proactive approach to employee safety ensures that organisations can minimize risk and assure compliance with the various standards expected from a responsible employer. In addition to this, with access to a smartphone app, lone workers experience a boost to confidence in their own safety and ability to undertake their role. With access to a range of alarms and the ability to notify their employees of a red alert, a safer way of lone working is provided with a more supported way of working.

A quality lone worker app provides both the organisation and the lone workers with a diverse range of features that help ensure their wellbeing. Via an smartphone app that can be easily downloaded and accessed via the relevant app store, any effective lone worker app can be easily implemented and adopted with minimum deployment time and training. One the app is in the hands of the lone worker, there are then a range of safety features that provide safety benefits:

  • Employee Location – by utilising a GPS enabled device and GPS location technology a lone worker app enables organisations to maintain visibility of the location of all mobile workers, ensuring that they are where they are meant to be and providing the opportunity to notify them of any disruptions or threats in the area
  • Raise Alarms – if lone workers or at risk or feel that they potentially may be under threat, effect lone worker solutions enable them to efficiently raise alarms. Based on the nature of the situation these alarms can range from highlighting they are entering a high risk area, to raising a red alert to request immediate assistance. Even in areas of limited or no mobile signal, an effective lone worker app can ensure that your employees are protected
  • Receive Support – with a simple push of a button, your lone workers can be protected to a dedicated alarm receiving centre that will ensure that they receive all the support they receive to enhance their safety and protect their wellbeing. With a rapid response links and direct access to emergency services dispatch, your lone workers can be confident that they are in the best hands
  • Reporting – through the implementation of a lone worker app, enhanced visibility of the status and location of staff can be provided to management via a web based portal. This enables an enhancement in management control, while also enabling efficient reports to be provided an overview of previously raised alarms, their response and outcomes

Via the implementation of a mobile app specifically designed to provide a lone worker solution that enhances lone worker protection, organisations are provided with a range of safety focused capabilities and benefits. Ultimately this leads an improve lone working process and better supported mobile workforce.

Protect from Totalmobile includes a lone worker app as a core component of it’s Protect solution. By providing organisations with highly configurable alert and location based technologies, they are equipped with a lone worker protection solution that enables them to ensure the safety of their employees and rapidly react to risks in the field.

Read about Protect, watch a demo of the solution, or contact us to learn how we can provide you with the market leading lone worker solution.