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Lone Worker App

Provide your team with a comprehensive lone worker app that requires minimal training and seamlessly meets all compliance requirements.

BS8484:2022 Gold Certified smartphones.

Functions without interrupting normal phone functions.

The SOS button overrides the keypad lock for fast access in a crisis.

Dedicated 24/7 Alarm Receiving Centres (ARC)
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Lone Workers Protected Everyday

30 Years

Experience Protecting Lone Workers


Activated Alarms Handled by our ARC Last year

Join thousands of companies protecting their employees safety with Totalmobile

Seamless Protection at Your Team’s Fingertips

lone worker app

Lone Worker App

Totalmobile’s advanced lone worker app is designed to work seamlessly across all iOS or Android devices, effortlessly protecting your workforce.

Empower Your Team with Instant Safety

Enhance the safety of your lone workers with our intuitive mobile app. Offering instant access to emergency support, it’s a lifeline at the touch of a button.

All-in-One App for Lone Worker Security

Complemented with essential safety features, our app includes an instant SOS alarm activation, Red and Yellow Alerts, Timed Safe Check-ins, round-the-clock Alert Monitoring, and two-way ARC communication. Compliant with BS8484:2022 standards, it’s the definitive safety tool for iOS and Android users.

Effortless Integration, Rapid Activation

Our Lone Worker App is designed for simplicity and ease of use, ensuring quick adoption with minimal training. Being app-based, it facilitates fast deployment across your team, streamlining the implementation process.

Red Alert: A swift emergency alarm connecting the worker to a trained operative at the Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) for immediate assistance and potential emergency service escalation.
Yellow Alert: Allows workers to record a voice memo detailing their location or task, providing valuable context for enhanced support if an alarm is raised.
Safe Check: A timed check-in system to verify worker well-being. If no response is received within a set period, it triggers an alert to the ARC.
Group Alert: Sends updates or important information to a predefined group of staff or specific individuals, especially useful for lone workers in a particular area.
Safe Beacon: Safe Beacon’s geofencing and virtual perimeter features offer additional safety for workers in complex environments. As workers enter a Safe Beacon-protected area, they receive customisable alerts on their lone working devices, compatible with smartphones and intrinsically safe devices. These alerts range from proactive safety warnings to dynamic risk notifications, adapting to the specific environment.
GPS Locate: Increases visibility of lone workers by updating their location every 10 minutes or upon alarm activation.
Worker Down Alert: Ideal for hazardous environments like construction sites, this alarm uses motion sensors to detect lack of movement or impact, automatically alerting in case of concerns.

Key Features

iOS & Android

Safe Check

Group Message

MDM Compatible

Fully Managed

Easy Install

Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC)

Totalmobile’s state-of-the-art Alarm Receiving Centres (ARC) offer unrivalled support for lone workers. Our ARCs operate 24/7, 365 days a year, ensuring every call for assistance is answered by expertly trained support officers.

Setting The Industry Standard

We adhere to the highest industry standards, with accreditations including BS8484:2022 and ISO 27001. In emergencies, our direct police escalation capability through our Unique Reference Number (URN) bypasses the need for conventional 999 calls, saving crucial time. If there is a false alarm, the worker can tell the ARC to stand down.

Virtual buddy

Red Alerts can be used as a virtual buddy connection to the ARC. The ARC operative will stay on the call with a worker should they feel at risk.

Active Listening

ARC staff use the initial seconds of the call for active listening in case a vulnerable worker can’t speak freely. Calls are recorded, and the recordings are admissible as evidence in court, assuring the highest levels of compliance.

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Management Portal

Whichever device they use, lone workers’ system activity can be managed through one single interface.

Unlimited staff and tailored profiles

Our Lone Worker solution includes an easy-to-use web-based management system that supports an unlimited number of tailored staff profiles across multiple devices. It allocates personal escalation and response protocols for each system user’s protection, according to their individual risk assessment. Different protection and monitoring features can be activated or de-activated as necessary, should an individual’s job function change. The system even allows for workers to have shared or pooled devices, to keep costs down and to offer maximum protection.

Over 1,400 SOS Fobs deployed and in active use across the organisation

Since its introduction, Protect has enabled us to enhance our approach towards ensuring the safety and wellbeing of our staff and it’s well received by all employees.”

Steve PettittDirector of Health & Building Safety, L&Q.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Lone Worker App?

A Lone Worker App is a comprehensive mobile application designed to enhance the safety of any individual with access to a smartphone. It provides essential safety features like an SOS alarm, timed check-ins, and two-way communication, ensuring workers have instant access to emergency support.

How does Totalmobile's Lone Worker App ensure compliance with BS8484 standard accreditation?

BS8484 is the British industry standard for lone worker safety service and device providers. Our Lone Worker App meets all compliance requirements of BS8484 standards. Totalmobile’s BS 8484 status is assessed, audited, and registered by British Standard Institute Associate Consultants.


As well as meeting BS 8484 accreditation, we aim to surpass these standards where possible. Through our focus on innovation, we continuously introduce new features and devices that provide our clients with a safer, more transparent, and helpful suite of services. Our Lone Worker App includes features like an instant SOS alarm, Red and Yellow Alerts, and GPS location services, ensuring the highest safety standards for lone workers. 

Can the Lone Worker App be used on any smartphone?

Yes, the Lone Worker App is designed to work seamlessly across all handsets, including iOS and Android devices. It can be quickly downloaded and installed, offering a universal solution for lone worker safety.

What features does the Lone Worker App offer for emergency situations?

For emergencies, the app offers an SOS button that overrides the keypad lock for fast access, Red Alert, GPS location tracking, and a direct connection to a 24/7 Alarm Receiving Centre for immediate assistance and direct access to emergency services.

Is the Lone Worker App easy to integrate and use?

Yes, the app is designed for effortless integration and rapid activation. It requires minimal training, ensuring quick adoption by teams and streamlining the implementation process.

What additional safety features does the Lone Worker App include?

Alongside emergency alerts, the app includes worker down monitoring, silent recording, virtual buddy calls, safe beacons, geofencing, and more, providing an all-in-one solution for lone worker security.

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