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Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC)

Totalmobile’s Alarm Receiving Centres (ARC) operate 24/7, 365 days a year, offering unrivalled support for lone workers. Every call for assistance is answered by expertly trained support officers committed to ensuring the safety of any lone worker in need.

Adheres to highest accreditation standards

Fully Managed BS8484 Service

Direct Response from Emergency Services
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Lone Workers Protected Everyday

30 Years

Experience Protecting Lone Workers


Activated Alarms Handled by our ARC Last year

Join thousands of companies protecting their employees safety with Totalmobile

Fully Accredited Support For Your Lone Workers

Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC)

Totalmobile’s state-of-the-art Alarm Response Centres (ARC) offer unrivalled support for lone workers. Our ARCs operate 24/7, 365 days a year, ensuring every call for assistance is answered by expertly trained support officers.

Seamless Integration

The Protect ARC can seamlessly integrate into your existing lone worker protection policies. ARC works in conjunction with exisiting safety protocols, utilising customised alert responses and procedures tailored to the specific needs of your lone workers.

Setting The Industry Standard

Our Alarm Receiving Centres (ARC) manage all personal safety alarm activations, whether they are false alarms, planned or unplanned activations or genuine incidents. We adhere to the highest industry standards, with accreditations including BS8484:2022 and ISO27001.

Direct Engagement with Emergency Services

Totalmobile’s BS8484 certification ensures the fastest emergency response for its customers through direct access to UK police control rooms. With Unique Reference Numbers (URNs) for all UK police forces, Totalmobile bypasses the need for 999 calls, guaranteeing swift police assistance in critical situations.

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Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) | Alerts

Totalmobile’s Protect offers versatile alerts, allowing lone workers to quickly receive the support they need. Raised through our Alarm Receiving Centres (ARC), the following alerts guarantee prompt attention in any scenario. Click on each alert to learn more.

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Red Alert

A swift emergency alarm connecting the worker to a trained operative at the Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) for immediate assistance and potential emergency service escalation.

Red Alert

Yellow Alert

Allows workers to record a voice memo detailing their location or task, providing valuable context for enhanced support if an alarm is raised.

Yellow Alert

Safe Check

A timed check-in system to verify worker well-being. If no response is received within a set period, it triggers an alert to the ARC.

Safe Check

Group Alert

Sends updates or important information to a predefined group of staff or specific individuals, especially useful for lone workers in a particular area.

Group Alert

Safe Beacon

Safe Beacon’s geofencing and virtual perimeter features offer additional safety for workers in complex environments. As workers enter a Safe Beacon-protected area, they receive customisable alerts on their lone working devices, compatible with smartphones and intrinsically safe devices. These alerts range from proactive safety warnings to dynamic risk notifications, adapting to the specific environment.

Safe Beacon

GPS Locate

Increases visibility of lone workers by updating their location every 10 minutes or upon alarm activation.

GPS Locate

Worker Down Alert

Ideal for hazardous environments like construction sites, this alarm uses motion sensors to detect lack of movement or impact, automatically alerting in case of concerns.

Worker Down

Alarm Receiving Centre | Virtual Buddy

Red Alerts can be used as a virtual buddy connection to the ARC. 

In situations where your team members may feel uneasy, such as navigating a secluded or vulnerable environment like a car park or private property, they can trigger a Red Alert and ask for the Controller to remain on call. This continuous connection with the Alarm Controller acts as a vital support, offering immediate help and reassurance until they are securely out of harm’s way.

Active Listening

Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) Support Officers are trained to utilise the initial moments of a call for active listening, especially crucial when a vulnerable worker might be unable to communicate openly. This attentive approach ensures that vital information is not missed, even in situations where the worker cannot speak. All calls are meticulously recorded, with these recordings being legally admissible in court proceedings. This not only assures compliance at the highest levels but also provides a robust layer of support and verification for the safety and protection of lone workers.

Alarm Receiving Centre | Service Continuity

In the event of a local power outage, each ARC is equipped with independent power and air systems, along with a backup power solution. This setup guarantees uninterrupted service, even during external emergencies.

Information Security

All data is securely backed up and stored. Customer-provided personal data is exclusively accessible to our Alarm Controllers during emergencies. As an ISO27001 and Cyber Essentials Plus certified provider, we adhere to GDPR and information security best practices in our data handling processes.

100 Lone Workers Protected Daily

“The introduction of Protect has considerably increased the usage of a lone worker solution within emh. With an integration with Connect, we are now seeing almost 90% of engineers updating their status.”

David ShawHead of Asset Management & Maintenance, emh Homes

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC)?

An Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) is a dedicated facility that monitors and responds to alarms triggered by lone workers. It plays a crucial role in lone worker protection by providing 24/7 monitoring, ensuring that any alerts, whether for emergencies or check-ins, are promptly addressed by trained professionals.

Can ARCs provide support in non-emergency situations for lone workers?

Yes, ARCs can provide support in various non-emergency situations through features like Yellow Alerts, where workers can leave voice memos, and Safe Checks, which are timed check-ins to verify worker wellbeing. They also manage Group Alerts for communicating important information to specific groups of workers.

How does Totalmobile’s ARC meet UK standards for lone worker safety?

Totalmobile ARCs meet and exceed industry standards by adhering to accreditations like BS 8484:2022 and ISO 27001. Its BS 8484 certification allows for the fastest emergency response via direct access to UK police control rooms, bypassing conventional 999 calls for swift police assistance.

What is the Virtual Buddy system and how does it support lone workers?

The Virtual Buddy system allows lone workers to maintain a continuous connection with the ARC through Red Alerts, especially in uneasy situations. The ARC Controller remains on call, providing immediate help and reassurance until the worker is safely out of harm’s way.

Can the ARC provide active listening in critical situations where a worker can’t speak freely?

Yes, ARC Support Officers are trained in active listening, crucial for situations where a vulnerable worker might be unable to communicate openly. This ensures that vital information is captured, with all calls recorded and admissible in court, providing a robust layer of support and verification.

How does GPS Locate enhance the safety of lone workers?

GPS Locate increases the visibility of lone workers by updating their location every 10 minutes or upon alarm activation, providing vital location information to the ARC for quick and accurate response in case of emergencies.

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